Businesses expect Arts Fest to be ‘awesome’ |

Businesses expect Arts Fest to be ‘awesome’


The Kimball Arts Festival is expected to be great for business this weekend.

Many Park City merchants said that despite last summer being at the low point of the economic recession, people still spent money when they came to look at art.

Paul Christensen, general manager at Park City Marriott, said he was sold out the Friday of last year’s festival and had excellent occupancy the other days.

Mary Black, owner of Hilda, and Jesse Schetler, owner of Butcher’s Chop House and the No Name Saloon, both said business during the last festival was strong because people came to Main Street with the intent to spend money.

Jean Louis Montecot, owner of Jean Louis Restaurant, said people spent a little less on alcohol, but still filled his tables last summer.

As long as the weather is good, this summer’s festival is expected to be just as strong.

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Christensen said the festival is a big weekend for the lodging industry.

"Historically, it’s been huge," he explained.

This year his hotel is sold out on Thursday and Friday with strong bookings for Saturday.

It is an especially good time for group or convention business because meeting planners want to hold their events during the festival so attendees can enjoy the entertainment, he said.

"Directly and indirectly, the arts festival helps a lot," he said.

Even though food is offered at the festival, Montecot and Schetler said restaurants benefit tremendously.

Schetler said the festival brings people to the street and reminds them of what it has to offer and what businesses are here.

"There’s not an event on Main Street you can hold that isn’t good for the overall health of Main Street," he said.

Schetler is especially excited because the summer has been strong for both of his businesses.

"This has been the best summer of the past two or three," he explained. "I hope the weather holds, because I expect there to be an increase over last year and last year was strong."

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