Café Terigo reaches national fame |

Café Terigo reaches national fame

Dan Bischoff, Of the Record staff

Calls from across the country rang into Café Terigo in the last few days.

It seems that the restaurant’s bread pudding is no longer merely a local favorite dessert.

"Yesterday, the phones started ringing and people said, ‘We are coming to Park City in July’ and they wanted to make sure we will have the bread pudding," said Debbie Axtell, the owner of Café Terigo, last Thursday, "We had lots of people call from across the country. We even had people ask if we would ship it to them."

The secret was let out Wednesday morning by Charles Gibson while a guest on "Live with Regis and Kelly."

Regis and Kelly were congratulating Gibson on his first year as the nightly ABC anchor. ABC ordered the bread pudding for a party it threw for Gibson recently. On air, Gibson raved about the dessert, saying something to the effect of, "My favorite, favorite dessert in the world is Café Terigo’s bread pudding."

The night before Gibson appeared on "Live with Regis and Kelly," he called Axtell to thank her for providing the dessert at the party.

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"I thought it was really nice," Axtell said. "It was great for him to do that for me. What was funny, he called me personally to thank me and said, ‘if I could get you three more wins for the Jazz, I would.’ For him to go the next day on the show, and say that, it’s typical of him, he’s a great guy."

Axtell said Gibson started out as a customer, which blossomed into a friendship.

"Charlie and his family have eaten here for years and years," Axtell said. "We’ve done a little bit of catering for him up at their house."

Axtell said she was flattered that ABC and Gibson would give her the attention and free publicity.

"He’s a well-loved person and a lot of people saw it and I’m sure it will make a hit and a spike in our bread pudding sales," Axtell said. "We sell a ton of it anyway."

Café Terigo has been open for 19 years, according to Axtell, and the bread pudding with butter rum sauce has been a staple on the menu.

"It would be our most successful dessert," Axtell said. "We actually made it up."

Sometimes, Axtell makes some changes to the dessert to break up the monotony.

"Right now it’s got cranberries and toasted pine nuts and a butter rum sauce," Axtell said. "Sometimes we put golden raisins in it or pears in it."

Café Terigo has had some good publicity in the past with Sundance. During those times, Axtell said, she often "gets some sort of write up either before or after."

"We’ve had other stars mention our name but nothing on the scale like Charlie Gibson," Axtell said.