Camp Falcon plays Santa for Park City Christian Center |

Camp Falcon plays Santa for Park City Christian Center

Megan Yeiter , The Park Record

Parley’s Park Elementary School Camp Falcon sponsored 21 children in the Park City Christian Center’s Sub for Santa program, according to Camp Falcon teacher Annie Grappone, who said she spoke with students about the importance of giving to others in the community.

"Parents of students in our program either brought in toys or clothes and a lot of families sponsored a whole family," she said. "Our parents were so generous, they really made this happen and they have been great role models to their kids."

Camp Falcon fifth-grader Duncan Catley said he went shopping with his parents for gifts.

"I brought in a little robot transformer," he said. "I like doing this type of stuff and I like helping others that are less fortunate."

According to Camp Falcon 5th-grader Grace Sendelback, her family sponsored two kids.

"It’s a great learning experience and it makes me really happy," Sendelback said. "We’ve talked about generosity and sharing and helping other people. It’s also nice to help the community."

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Grappone said when she was growing up in New York City her family would "adopt a family" to sponsor over the holidays and she wanted to pass that experience along to her students.

"I remember going shopping with my mom for that family," she said. "I remember to this day the feeling of shopping with my mom and I wanted to give that feeling to kids here. This is a great experience and wanted these kids to learn early about giving back to the community and giving to others."