Campaign violations? |

Campaign violations?

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

Coalville resident Brody Taylor, a write-in candidate running against Summit County Sheriff Dave Edmunds, might have broken copyright laws when county logos and a photograph owned by The Park Record were posted on his campaign Web site.

"That logo has got to come off," Summit County Attorney David Brickey said about graphics that are copyrighted by the county that appear on Taylor’s site. "The logos show some type of affiliation with a governmental agency. Brody Taylor does not have the endorsement and cannot represent that he is endorsed by the county."

Taxpayers paid for the graphics, Brickey added, insisting, "As a taxpayer, you just say, what if I don’t want to support Brody Taylor."

"That’s inappropriate," said Brickey, the county’s top law enforcement officer said.

Meanwhile, a photograph shot Oct. 3 by Park Record photographer Grayson West was used without the newspaper’s permission, according to Andy Bernhard, publisher of The Park Record.

Summit County Commissioner Sally Elliott, a Democrat, received a similar warning from county officials when she posted a logo copyrighted by the county on her Web site while campaigning in 2004.

"I want to treat Brody the same way we treated Sally," Brickey said, adding that Elliott quickly removed the graphic from her site after being warned.

Taylor’s campaign manager, Jason Taylor, on Monday took responsibility for posting the images in question.

"It had nothing to do with Brody. That was 100 percent my fault," he said, adding that the photograph was downloaded from, the newspaper’s Web site. "I had no idea that a citizen of the county could not use a county logo. It was not represented that Brody was endorsed by the county."

Images protected by copyrights were removed from Taylor’s Web site on Monday.

"It was not done to violate any laws," Jason Taylor said. "[Brickey] is a staunch supporter of Sheriff Edmunds and if they smell a little blood, they may choose to take this in whatever direction they want, so, I’m more than happy to remove it."


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