Candidate Lee: replace income tax with national sales tax |

Candidate Lee: replace income tax with national sales tax

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

Mike Lee, an attorney from Alpine seeking the Republican nomination for the Senate, has an idea to simplify the federal tax code: instituting a national sales tax to replace what people pay to Washington in income taxes.

Lee said in an interview the national sales tax he envisions could be as low as 15 percent, a way to cut the amount of taxes that people pay. Lee said once taxes are reduced, people and businesses are more apt to make investments and spur the growth of jobs, describing what he calls a dynamic cycle for the economy.

He also wants the size of the federal government limited, saying that Washington attempts to be the go-to entity for too broad a spectrum of Americans.

The economic agenda, he said, would boost business in Park City and surrounding Summit County, noting the resort nature of the local economy.

Lee said he is not convinced the U.S. has exited the economic downturn, saying there is a chance the country will continue in a recession if there are additional taxes and the federal government expands.

Lee recently stumped in Park City, parking a campaign bus close to City Park and talking to a small group of people as patriotic music was played over a public-address system.

In an interview, Lee described the immigration plank of his platform, saying he wants more agents protecting the U.S.-Mexico border and additional equipment deployed to the border to combat illegal crossings.

He wants prosecutors to more aggressively bring charges against employers that knowingly hire people who are in the country illegally. If that occurs, he said, there will be fewer jobs available to people in the U.S. illegally.

"They’ll go home. They’ll self-deport," Lee said.

Meanwhile, Lee said he is unsure how long American troops will be needed in Afghanistan and Iraq, saying the he would support a withdrawal once the threat to the U.S. has been eliminated.

He said his top international priority is protecting the country from attack by Islamic fundamentalists.

Lee said he sees oil and natural gas as being crucial to the national energy policy into the foreseeable future, arguing that onshore oil drilling needs to be boosted.

More information about Lee is available on the candidate’s website,


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