Candidate targets illegals |

Candidate targets illegals

Gary Shumway is not an American with much sympathy for people who illegally immigrate to the U.S.

Open borders are no good and those who are in the U.S. without the proper papers should not be given amnesty, the Libertarian from Jeremy Ranch says.

Shumway, a candidate in the state House of Representatives District 53 contest, stands as a political outsider in the November election but wants people in the district to see him as a credible choice on Election Day anyway.

"I think I have as much a chance to win as the other two candidates," he says. "I’m not here to be a spoiler."

Shumway faces Republican Mel Brown and Democrat Laura Bonham on Election Day. They are trying to replace outgoing Rep. David Ure, a Republican from Kamas who mounted an unsuccessful challenge for the state Senate instead of seeking re-election.

Shumway, who is 56 years old and a computer-programming consultant, would likely have to broaden his base of support to challenge the major-party candidates. Libertarians have not proven to be widely popular in the area.

He acknowledges that Brown, a former speaker of the House, will be formidable and says that Bonham has support in the district as well.

"I think it will be a good race," he says.

Shumway, when speaking about illegal immigrants, says that the state should not grant some of them in-state tuition, as is the case now, further defining his anti-illegal immigrant platform.

"The bottom line is they are here illegally," he says. "The taxpayer is forced to subsidize illegal immigrants."

He says that, if foreigners hear about Utah as a haven for illegal immigrants, others will arrive in the state.

"That just encourages more people to come here," he says. "Should the Utah taxpayer be paying for this? Mexico does not reciprocate."

Shumway acknowledges Park City’s interest at the Statehouse centers on its tourism-driven economy but provides few details of how he would address those issues.

Shumway also offers a traditional Libertarian platform of limiting the government’s role in society, perhaps most clearly outlined in his pro-gun rights plank. He says he wants the state’s gun laws loosened and calls himself "very pro-gun."

"The Constitution protects your right to carry and own a firearm," Shumway says.

Meanwhile, Shumway is displeased with the way the Legislature redrew House district boundaries after the 2000 census.

Although Summit County’s population was close to that required in a state House district, the Legislature split the county between two districts, District 53, which represents most of Summit County and District 25, which spreads from the east benches of the Salt Lake Valley into the Snyderville Basin.

Shumway claims that the Republican majority in the Statehouse gerrymandered the district in an effort to ensure that a member of the GOP holds the seat. He says that Summit County should be wholly within District 53.

"We’re all neighbors with the same concerns in the same (county) versus people who are down in the valley," Shumway says.

He pledges to serve a maximum of three two-year terms in the House if he is elected.

Shumway has lived in Utah for four years and has lived in disparate parts of the U.S. in the last decade, including stops in the South, the East, the Midwest and the Southwest.

On his personal site on the World Wide Web, he advertises a book he wrote about traveling through the lower 48 states on a motorcycle. "Winging Through America," the Web site says, is the story of a "modern day ‘Easy Rider.’" and is "a must read book for the rebel in all of us!"

He also advertises on the Web site a scuba-diving book he penned.

He says that voters seem apathetic and people hold a "blasé attitude" toward politics.

"I think people are kind of turned off on politics," he says.

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