Canyons pushes back its opening |

Canyons pushes back its opening

Christopher Kamrani, Of the Record staff

To the dismay of many season pass holders, Canyons resort announced this week that it has pushed its opening day to Dec. 10 – nearly two weeks later than its planned opening day on Nov. 26.

According Mike Goar, managing director of Canyons, major renovations on the mountain are running behind schedule forcing the delay.

"As most know, we took on a major recreation of the resort this summer, one of the biggest revampings of a resort ever, and currently construction has put us behind schedule," he said. "We are currently 7-14 days behind our original date."

Goar said he is aware that skiers and snowboarders are grumbling but he is proud of the job the crews have done considering the overhaul began in mid-June. "Some projects are close, others are a week or so behind," he said.

One of the most significant changes entails moving the base of the Flight of the Canyons gondola, which Goar said has taken longer than expected. He said the resort is anxious to debut the changes in their entirety with the ability for resort users to be able to ski or snowboard down to the resort base – something they haven’t been able to do in the past.

Nevertheless, with all of the new snow, of season-pass holders and resort regulars have voiced their displeasure about the delay.

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"I know this has an impact on season-pass holders, and we want them to know that we understand their response," Goar said. "We just ask them to be patient."

The major overhaul at Canyons encompasses everything from lifts, runs, trails, restaurants and the newly-minted resort base known as the "ski beach". Goar said every opening day is always provisional when brought up in the springtime, but we know that wherever the snow is, people will come.

"We know people bought a pass with a high level of anticipation this year," he said. "It’s a tough pill to swallow, but usually every opening day is tentative."

When asked if any refunds will be offered to season-pass holders, Goar said that "those systems are already in place."

Goar added that those who had planned on coming to Park City on vacation to ski or snowboard at Canyons will not be forgotten.

"People with reservations on the books, we will help," Goar said. "Most people hang onto their ski vacations, and most know early-season openings are a bit inconsistent. Those who want to come, we will help."

As for season-pass holders, Goar said they are working on a program to take the sting out of the delay and an announcement will be made this week.

Now, the circled date on the calendar for many is Dec. 10, and Goar said he feels confident going forward.

"I feel really good about the 10th," Goar said. "I think we look very good for that."