Casa Bella’s virtual showroom up and running |

Casa Bella’s virtual showroom up and running

Start with a floor plan and end with a professionally designed and furnished home all without leaving the computer.

Casa Bella Furniture and Design, open in Park City since October 2004, now has an online virtual showroom. Clients can go to to browse, buy, design and decorate their homes. They can also get online discounts above and beyond what can be found in the store.

"The website has been a phenomenal marketing tool for us," sole-owner Patricia Lucas said. "There are pieces that are discounted further than what you would find in the store. It’s usually items we’re trying to move quickly to make more room."

Even though Casa Bella boasts a 13,500-square-foot, on-site showroom, it is more than just a furniture store. With nine designers on staff who work with homeowners, builders and realtors, they help clients plan their homes from floor to chimney.

"On the interior design side of things, we work with homeowners and their builders, or with builders building spec homes," said Betsy Shotwell Smith, head of Casa Bella’s Business Development.

Casa Bella is also the interior design team for the Ski Magazine Dream Home, which is a collaboration between Deer Valley Ski Resort, Ski Magazine and Sports West.

But outside of winning a free dream home, having a professional designer’s help can be expensive.

Although furniture prices are posted on each piece in the store and in the virtual showroom, Lucas said they don’t publish prices on their designer services. Prices in that realm depend on the chosen designer and what the client wants done.

In order to help them choose a designer and a style, potential clients can read brief biographies on the website of each of the designers and also see photographs of homes they have designed.

"The focus of the website, so far, has been the portfolio and the designers," Shotwell Smith said. "We want the clients coming to speak to us to already have a sense of who we are."

Most of Casa Bella’s clients need to get to know the designers online because many don’t have the chance to meet them in person.

"I’d guess that 90 to 95 percent of our cliental do not hail from Park City," Shotwell Smith said. "They are mostly clients coming in and building second or third homes or are in the process of moving to Park City to retire. Our out-of-state homeowners were spending too much time in Park City just setting up their home. Now they can enjoy their time here instead of spending it in a store.

"I spoke to a gentleman last night who bought a home in Deer Valley and they would like it furnished. They’re coming in next week to see the team of designers they chose. A lot of times we’ll do a second home for someone and then they’ll ask us to do their other home as well."

So, with the part-time resident in mind, Casa Bella started the online showroom, making them a national company working mainly in the small town of Park City. The virtual showroom gives Casa Bella the chance to market their services to clients across the county, and also to post sale items at lower prices than in the store.

"The showroom specials allow us to nationally market some of the items that are our best seller and maybe have been around for awhile," Shotwell Smith said. "The deals on the virtual showroom are up to 50 percent off. We have some excellent pieces at exceptional prices."

The online showroom, managed by Whitney Advertising, is currently functioning, but Shotwell Smith said the site is still in development stages.

Casa Bella Furniture and Design is located in Redstone Center at 1640 W. Redstone Center Drive, and can be reached at (435) 658-2244. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday- through Saturday or by appointment.

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