Charter school: School district responds |

Charter school: School district responds

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

School officials in Park City say another charter school like the Weilenmann School of Discovery could take tax dollars from the Park City School District.

Charter schools, which are independently operated public institutions, are run with tax dollars.

"As far as the charter school in Park City, I don’t see that they are offering anything superior to what we have currently, technology wise or accessibility wise We’re just kind of curious as to why they find it necessary," said Lisa Kirchenheiter, a member of the Park City Board of Education. "It’s redundant. So I don’t see it as a good use of taxpayers money because the school board has to collect the tax money and then we have no say over how it’s spent in the charter school. Our citizens are being taxed but there is no local representation for them."

Charter schools also have fewer financial constraints than traditional public schools, she said.

"They do not have to provide meals, they do not have to provide transportation and I don’t believe the teachers are unionized either," Kirchenheiter said.

The charter school may also impact private schools in the Park City area, Kirchenheiter said.

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"They’ll tout it as a free private-school education," Kirchenheiter said.