Cheerleaders asked to change because of short skirts |

Cheerleaders asked to change because of short skirts

On game day last Friday several Park City High School cheerleaders were asked to change because the denim skirts they wore were too short.

"They were asked to call home to get a change of clothes, which is what we do with any violation of the dress code," said Principal Hilary Hays.

The school dress code requires students to dress modestly. A misconception about it said Hays is that finger tip-length skirts or shorts are appropriate. This is ineffective because students with shorter arms could wear shorter attire which is why the school does not use this rule.

"The girls were fantastic, they completely understood," Hays said.

She added they were very cooperative in changing their attire.

"In general we can’t have skirts that are too short," she said.

This includes the skirts of the cheerleading uniforms.

"We’ve asked that if the girls want to wear their cheerleading uniforms to school that they wear their leggings," she said.

Hays added that most athletic uniforms violate the school dress code, such as the wrestling team and swim team.

A former cheerleader herself, Hays said she is sympathetic towards the girls on the squad.

"It’s not a bias against their uniforms. They need to have classroom-appropriate attire," she said.

Hays added the school will continue to work through trial and error until everyone is on the same page about the dress code.

The Park City High School Dress code: (from )

Student dress and Grooming Standards

PCHS guidelines:

1. Students should be clean. Hair, body and clothing should be neat and clean in appearance.

2. Students should be modest in appearance. Extremes of dress and hair styling that attracts undue attention or interferes with the normal process of school must be avoided. Specifically this includes, but not limited to:

*No hats, bandanas, or sunglasses *Oversized attire shall not exceed two inches or one full size above individual’s regular size

*No hoods, visors, headbands and must not hang below the navel

*There must be no bare skin between shirts and pants or skirt

*No spaghetti straps

*Shoes or sandals must be worn at all times

*Not too bare

*Belts may not hang lower than four inches from belt line

*Not too tight

*Chains and other apparel that may be used as a weapon are not permitted

*Shorts and skirts must be in modest

appearance, no short shorts or skirts

3. No clothing is acceptable that advertises illegal substances or products forbidden to minors. Clothing with vulgar or profane messages or scenes are not acceptable.

4. Facial hardware or other distracting jewelry are not acceptable.

5. Any clothing (or other items) that have been identified by the Metro Area Law Enforcement agencies as being associated with illicit drug use are prohibited.

*Any violation of the Student Dress Code is subject to administrative intervention. Violators will be asked to meet dress code standards and/or be sent home if necessary. Such an absence will be treated as an unexcused absence. Repeat and subsequent violations of the Student Dress Code will result in suspension.

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