Chunk of Brown’s Canyon could be rezoned |

Chunk of Brown’s Canyon could be rezoned

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

The Eastern Summit County Planning Commission is considering recommending a chunk of Brown’s Canyon near High View Road be rezoned.

There will be an opportunity for the public to speak out about the proposal at a public hearing March 3 at Kamas City Hall, 170 N. Main Street. The hearing is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m.

County planners have proposed rezoning several parcels in an industrial area of Brown’s Canyon.

"What we’re trying to do is change the zoning so that existing owners out there and anybody that is new that wants to come in, realizes that those uses are there," Summit County Planner Sean Lewis said. "We had a call from a guy who said that he has owned a parcel out there for 30 years and he had no idea that these rock quarries were out there. He is expecting to build a cabin out there in that beautiful area but he doesn’t want it to be next to a rock quarry."

Some quarries in Brown’s Canyon have been there for decades.

"These uses do exist in Brown’s Canyon and there are some factors that may need to be mitigated as we integrate these uses with residential uses," Lewis said. "We’re just trying to put the public on notice that industrial-style uses exist in Brown’s Canyon. The rezone is an opportunity to put that on the map and identify where they are located."

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The parcels would be rezoned from agricultural to industrial uses.

"In the proposed rezone area very few of the parcels are bare ground with no established use," Lewis said. "The general person driving from Oakley to Park City may not notice any change. Most of the uses that are in Brown’s Canyon have existed for many years."