Cisero’s Jam Band to reunite |

Cisero’s Jam Band to reunite

In 1993, guitarist Robbie Evans joined the Cisero’s Jam Band and for nearly 10 years, the group played a regular gig at the club, owned by guitarist Stephen McComb.

"Park City was a live band town back then and by the time I joined the band, they had been doing it for a few years," Evans said during an interview with The Park Record. "It was a collaboration between Salt Lake and Park City players and it turned into a phenomenal thing."

Throughout the band’s timeline, many professional musicians such as Joe Walsh, Steve Miller, Eddie Van Halen, Stephen Stills, Bonnie Raitt and Kenny Loggins have joine in for a jam or two.

"We’d play and some of the people from the crowd would get up and play with us," said Evans, who cut his live-music chops in a band called the Medflys, while living in Northern California. "Sometimes those people were famous."

In 2002, the Jam Band played its last show at Cisero’s, due to overwhelming competition that came with the development of bigger nightclubs along Park City’s Historic Main Street.

For the past nine years, guitarist Robbie Evans and his Jam Band compadres Andreas Przybyla, Tom Scharlow and Clint McGee, along with Don Santy and Wes Chambers have played in a Salt Lake band called The Boomers and landed gigs throughout the valley, including the Fourth of July concert at Sugarhouse Park and a show for the Real Salt Lake fans at Rio Tinto Stadium.

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A few months ago, Evans and McComb started to talk about getting the Jam Band back together, so on Wednesday, Dec. 14, it will play a reunion show at Cisero’s at 9 p.m.

McComb is looking forward to the gig.

"It has been a while since we last did this," McComb said with a laugh. "We’ll see how bad we do. My motto is, ‘I’ll sing some of the words to some of the songs while playing some of the chords, maybe.’"

McComb formed the Jam Band while he was owner of the Baja Cantina, back in 1984. He moved the band after buying Cisero’s a year later.

"The whole idea for the group started with just a bunch of guys who wanted to play music," he said. "As it continued, other musicians chimed in and at times we would have seven and eight players on the stage at once."

During the late 1980s and 1990s, ParkWest, which is now known as Canyons, held a series of outdoor concerts and the artists would come in a few days early, McComb said. In the mid-1990s, a cab driver called and said Joe Walsh wanted to come play.

"Joe asked for some guitars and special tunings and said he would stop by after a meeting," McComb said. "I told him that I’d buy him dinner after the meeting and he came to check us out."

During the first few songs, Walsh stood out of view on the side of the stage.

"He listened to us to make sure he wanted to sit in and then he nodded and I handed him my guitar and we did Johnny B. Goode," McComb said. "He took the first lead and slayed it and I nodded again and he took another lead."

the time the song finished, Walsh had taken four leads.

"With each one, he’d play different styles," McComb remembered. "One would be played in his style, the other would be in Eric Clapton’s style and so on. The house went nuts."

At one point, Walsh walked to the center of the stage and started his trademark "Funk 49."

"The band didn’t miss a note," McComb said. "He wrapped with ‘Rocky Mountain Way’ and the entire audience was shouting the lyrics.

"It was a Cinderella story for us," he said. "We had things like that happen to us all the time. We’ve played with Los Lobos and even REO Speedwagon."

Evans can’t wait to play Cisero’s again.

"It’s a great place to play and it has a great history and a lot of people like to play there," he said. "We hope it turns into something special again."

The Jam Band will play a reunion concert at Cisero’s, Nightclub, 306 Main St., on Wednesday, Dec. 14, at 9 p.m. For more information, visit