City Hall-owned houses will be shrink wrapped, then possibly sold |

City Hall-owned houses will be shrink wrapped, then possibly sold

by Jay Hamburger The Park Record

City Hall wants to shrink wrap two historic houses it owns in Old Town for the winter as officials consider options for the properties, including the possibility of selling them.

The shrink wrapping, a process that tightly covers the houses under a sheet of plastic, is not yet scheduled. It is expected to occur in the coming weeks as the likelihood of snow increases. It is not clear how long the shrink wrap will be in place.

The two houses are at 1450 Park Ave. and 1460 Park Ave. The local government purchased them in 2009 for a combined $750,000.

Leaders have not yet decided how they will be used. A City Hall report issued this week described the houses as being in "general poor condition."

The Park City Council on Thursday night indicated it wanted City Hall staffers to seek proposals for the two houses. Michael Kovacs, the assistant city manager, said advertisements requesting proposals could be published in November, with submittals possibly due in late December.

The City Hall request will ask interested parties to submit a bid as well as describe their ideas for a development, such as the sort of preservation efforts that could be undertaken and whether a residential project at the site would include housing priced below market rate, described in this case as attainable housing. Kovacs said City Hall wants the houses rehabilitated if a deal is struck.

Kovacs said City Hall will consider offers from people interested in one of the houses or the other. He said, however, an offer for both of the houses will be considered more favorably than an offer for one of them.

He said there has been interest by two developers and a group that is promoting a community-building idea known as cohousing, which holds that people who will live in a development are able to help design the project. The practice is not in use in Park City, but supporters have been in discussions with municipal leaders.

The Summit County Assessor’s Office values the house at 1450 Park Ave., which is 1,056 square feet, at $444,918. The house at 1460 Park Ave., 799 square feet, is valued at $420,015. The houses are under the ownership of the Park City Redevelopment Agency, an entity controlled by City Hall.