City Hall seeks firms to build transit housing |

City Hall seeks firms to build transit housing


Park City officials are preparing to put up a building to house transit workers, probably bus drivers, outside the Public Works Building.

City Hall is seeking statements from construction firms outlining their qualifications for the project. The statements are due on Wednesday. None had been filed by Thursday afternoon. Sixteen firms had previously requested information.

Brooks Robinson, the senior transportation manager for the municipal government, said a firm must submit a statement outlining the qualifications to bid on the construction contract later.

The project site is situated outside the Public Works Building, on the south side of the building along Shortline Road. Officials want to break ground in the spring. Robinson said substantial completion is anticipated in mid-December.

The construction is budgeted at $1.9 million. Most of the funding will come from the federal government.

The three-story building will have 13 rooms, each with its own bathroom, small refrigerator and microwave oven. There will be common areas on the second and third floors. The first floor will have a unit designed for a handicapped person. There will also be parking for transit staffers on the first floor.

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Officials say the housing will be an incentive when hiring bus drivers. Some bus drivers have been housed in a Park Avenue building that once was a fire station. That property could be redeveloped one day, though.

More information about the statements City Hall is seeking is available on the municipal website, Select the ‘Doing Business’ button and then ‘Current RFPs & Bids.’ Then select the link that starts with "Request for Statement of Qualifications."