City Hall starts pedestrian talks |

City Hall starts pedestrian talks

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

Park City leaders recently started what will be an intense exercise to divvy up $15 million to upgrade pedestrian and bicyclist routes, but there was only moderate interest from regular Parkites.

Mayor Dana Williams and the Park City Council heard from a few people, with some of the discussion involving Comstock Drive, a street that links Kearns Boulevard with Sidewinder Drive through Prospector.

Some, including City Councilman Jim Hier, said more deliberations are needed before finalizing a plan for Comstock Drive. People who live on the street have long been upset with the amount of traffic.

The elected officials listened to comments about an idea to build a sidewalk on Comstock Drive, with neighbors worrying about losing parking spaces if a sidewalk is put in and asking whether people who live on Comstock Drive will shovel snow from a sidewalk if it’s built.

Williams, meanwhile, suggested Comstock Drive motorists might speed up if a sidewalk is built since there will be more space between pedestrians and drivers. Traffic engineers have described that scenario to Williams, the mayor said.

Tom Hurd, a critic of the planned upgrades, told the elected officials there are not problems in Park City.

"I don’t think we’re looking at any hotspots that require immediate action," Hurd said.

The City Councilors next month are expected to endorse a range of improvements using the $15 million, with upgrades on Bonanza Drive and Kearns Boulevard being among the most ambitious.