City’s ambiance is based on snow, amenities and most of all, the kindness of the locals |

City’s ambiance is based on snow, amenities and most of all, the kindness of the locals

The Park Record Editorial, Nov. 17-20, 2012

After last winter’s stingy snow cover, Park City’s top-rated ski resorts are leaving nothing to chance. Snowmaking guns and expert groomers have been working their magic on the slopes and legions of employees have been hard at work preparing to welcome what we hope will be an avalanche of visitors.

The hubbub of activity has also enveloped every restaurant, hotel and retail shop from the top of Main Street to Kimball Junction. The anticipation of both the holidays and the tourist season is palpable.

But, of course, the finishing touch on all of those well-rehearsed duties is something less tangible — hospitality. And that is something every citizen at some point in the season will likely be called on to demonstrate.

It seems as though every few months The Park Record receives at least one letter from a grateful tourist who was the recipient of a random act of kindness on the part of an employee or a local resident: a returned wallet, a helping hand in an accident, an extra moment spent reuniting a lost child with family members, or just recommendations about how to enjoy their stay.

The letters make our buttons pop with pride and inspire us to do the same. After all, most of us have traveled to unfamiliar destinations and our lasting impressions are often based not on the glitzy storefronts or even the magnificent grand ballrooms, but on simple kindnesses offered by the natives.

Yes, the ski season can mean longer lines at the grocery store and fewer parking spaces on Main Street, but each year our visitors’ excitement infects us with a new appreciation for our surroundings.

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The season is upon us and we are more than ready. Park City Mountain Resort opens today. Canyons rev up their lifts next Friday and Deer Valley is set to open Dec. 8. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.