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CJC hosts fairy princess tea party


Seventy-five young girls and boys were treated like royalty Wednesday at the Fairy Princess Tea Party hosted by the Wasatch/Summit County Children’s Justice Center.

Val Kelson, CJC volunteer, said local children were invited to dress in regal attire and watch a ballet performed by Wasatch Dance Center. Afterwards, the children had a storybook hour and enjoyed treats and lemonade. Each guest was given a crown before walking in procession through a garden and being photographed.

Kelson said the purpose of the tea party was to raise money for the justice center.

"Those that aren’t victims can be doing something for kids in general," Kelson said. "We raise money so we can send our police force, sheriff department and victim advocates to conferences and trainings so we can be the best that we can be."

The CJC is a safe haven for children who have been victimized, Kelson said. Once a child becomes a victim, they are taken to the CJC to be interviewed. The interviews are videotaped and can be used in a court of law, she said. The purpose of the videotape is to prevent the child from having to testify in court at a later date and relive the traumatic event.

"The whole goal is not to have the child go over it again," she said. "Then we can start on therapy (and) the healing process."