Coalville water main ruptures |

Coalville water main ruptures

Sarah Moffitt, Of The Record Staff

One million gallons of culinary water drained from a Coalville water tank when an eight inch water-main ruptured late Sunday night, quickly changing the town’s worry from having too much water, to not having enough.

All of the homes in the area still had safe drinking water, but as of Monday, Coalville Mayor Duane Schmidt was urging residents to conserve water until the tank can be replenished.

"We do have other sources of culinary water, but this was our main source," said Schmidt. "It is going to take a while to replenish the whole tank."

Despite the holiday and snow, crews were at work Monday morning to fix the water line, finishing repairs late Monday night. Officials don’t know what caused the main to rupture, but Schmidt speculated that it could have been due to a recently installed high-pressure gas line that runs directly under the water main.

"With all the wet weather recently, I think sediment could have settled onto the water main, becoming heavy and causing it to break. After digging the area up to put in the gas line, it would have been very hard to fill the dirt back in and have it settle correctly," said Schmidt. If the break was caused by the installation of the gas line, Schmidt said he would seek monetary compensation for the damages from the gas company.

The break happened near the North Summit High School hillside insignia, causing minor damage to a dirt road which Schmidt thinks will be easy to fix once the ground dries.

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