Coda Gallery under new ownership |

Coda Gallery under new ownership

Gina Barker, The Park Record

While Coda Gallery has the same location, the same name, the same artists and even the same candy bowl greeting customers, the Main Street business went through a major change three weeks ago. Jennifer Schumacher, the gallery manager for the past nine years, became the new owner.

"Everything is bright and fun and light, not serious and not some traditional mountain-look," Schumacher said. "Everyone has a niche and I think Coda has already found that. We have no plans of changing the vibe."

Coda Gallery has been a family-run business for the past 15 years, started by husband and wife, Connie and David Katz. Hence the name Co-Da. The couple passed away within a month of each other, between December and January.

When the couple’s daughter decided to sell the business, Schumacher was ready to make an offer on the Town Lift Plaza location.

"There’s new ownership, from the plaza to new ownership at the gallery," Schumacher said. "I feel like it’s a new beginning. I expect big things for lower Main Street."

Schumacher admits, when she first moved to Park City it wasn’t for the art. She originally moved to the area with a physiology degree and no knowledge of art, but that all changed when she took a job at the gallery.

"It was a huge learning curve at first," Schumacher said. "I didn’t have a clue.

"Then, you learn. You start by selling a $60 item and go from there, learning a lot from just being with the artists, just knowing them personally and understanding their message."

From dusting to running the gallery, Schumacher said she fell in love with her job.

"People are passionate about the art," she said. "That’s so much fun for me."

Shortly after starting the job, two important events unfolded in Schumacher’s life. First, she realized she was pregnant. Second, she bought her first important piece of art. Her son made it home before the art, which she paid off diligently for a year.

Since she started nine years ago, Schumacher said she’s come a long way. She’s come to appreciate every artist that hangs on the gallery walls, whether she personally loves the art or not. She’s made friends in clients and artist alike.

"I’ve found great friends through my work," she said. "We have the commonality of art. Art is a necessity."

It’s a feeling Schumacher thinks is growing in Park City. As she’s seen the gallery grow, she has seen how the art culture has developed in the community.

"Park City is bumping up a few levels. Even the clientele, walking through the door this year, it feels like we’re really becoming a great destination. There’s a lot of growth."

Changes to Coda Gallery will be modest, Schumacher said. She plans on keeping local artists a majority in the gallery while keeping an eye out for new blood. For now, she is on the hunt for a new abstract artist and a new figurative artist.

"There’s not a lot to improve on," she said. "This has been a successful gallery. We’re just focusing on fresh energy and new ideas more than changing too much."

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Coda Gallery

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