Code set to change for the East Side |

Code set to change for the East Side

Sarah MoffittThe Park Record

The East Side Planning Commission is moving forward with an overhaul of it’s building codes and general plan including new guidelines for building setbacks and additions.

"The code needed to be looked at and brought up to date," said East Side Planning Commissioner Tonja Hanson. "We are trying to make it so it will be easier for the public to work with the system."

Tackling the non-conforming language codes, Summit County Planner Adryan Slaght said in 2009 the East Side changed the ability of homeowners with non-conforming buildings to expand, creating unforeseen consequences.

"With the prior change, non-conforming buildings couldn’t really be expanded at all. With the new language, expansions can happen under a conditional-use permit or low impact permit," added Slaght.

"We have heard a lot of feedback from people saying they really appreciate us looking at the code and making these changes, especially since so many people have to work with the code and understand it," said Hanson.

The planning commission has also identified priority issues to address, including the possible expansion of industrial and service commercial zones.

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"There is limited zoning in the county for industrial economic areas," said Slaght. "We are beginning to decide if we do want this kind of zoning, where and what type? We have gotten some direction from residents who said they don’t just want just industrial or commercial, but a mix."

According to Slaght, planners are also trying to clarify what codes to apply to the subdivisions on the East Side which were platted prior to zoning.

"There are eight or nine rural subdivisions such as Tollgate Canyon and Samack Acres, there are thousands of lots on thousands of acres that are residential areas in agricultural zones, we are trying to create a new zone to address these situations," said Slaght.

Hanson calls the code updates an ongoing process that will take time.

"I have been on the council for two years and we have been working on these issues the entire time," Hanson said.

For the long term, the East Side planners are examining the best ways to accommodate growth and balance land conservation.

"We are examining the highway corridor and valley floors to see how they fit with future infrastructure needs," Slaght said.

A public hearing to approve certain code changes and update the non-conforming use language will be held Wednesday, Aug. 3 at 6 p.m. at the Kamas City Offices.