Collision with moose carcass injures deputy |

Collision with moose carcass injures deputy

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

A deputy was pinned inside his patrol SUV Thursday night after striking a moose carcass near the mouth of Parleys Canyon.

"The vehicle flipped. I believe it rolled over three or four times and he could not get out" Summit County Sheriff Dave Edmunds said.

Sheriff’s Office deputy Paul Scott radioed dispatchers from inside the overturned truck around 8 p.m., Edmunds said. The sheriff visited the officer in the hospital in Salt Lake City Thursday evening.

"He came around one of those corners and there was a moose carcass in the No. 1, which was the lane that he was traveling in," he said, adding that Scott was traveling in the inside lane along a winding section of the road.

Scott was driving to work on eastbound Interstate 80 from his home in Salt Lake County and it was dark at the time of the crash, Edmunds explained.

Firefighters from Salt Lake County had to extricate the deputy from his vehicle, he said.

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"They had to cut the roof off the vehicle," Edmunds said. "The police vehicle is a total loss."

Scott was initially believed to have two broken legs.

"Fortunately his injuries were not as serious as originally anticipated," the sheriff said. "That’s large road debris. It’s unavoidable."

"The attending physician said that he thought that he’d be able to make a full recovery," Edmunds said.