Come discuss immigration at church in the Snyderville Basin |

Come discuss immigration at church in the Snyderville Basin

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

As a pastor in the Park City area wades into the national immigration debate the religious leader is reminding people that the controversy about immigration is nothing new.

"A lot of this divisiveness and conflict that we are going through right now is not new," said the Rev. Charles Robinson, of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church. "There have been other tempests about immigration throughout American history Some of the characteristics of the situation are exactly the way they were in earlier times."

A discussion at St. Luke’s Oct. 28 focused on the history of immigration in the United States. A forum this Thursday will explore the moral and ethical questions associated with the debate.

The discussion is scheduled Nov. 4 at 7 p.m. at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, 4595 Silver Springs Drive.

The audience will hear from Michael Popich, a professor from Westminster College.

"His specialty is moral philosophy He is going to do an introductory overview of the ethical and moral principles that apply to this debate. The emphasis is on moral and ethical principles that could be used as we try to understand this issue," Robinson said in a telephone interview Monday. "If I am starving and I steal a loaf of bread in order to eat, I have broken the law but is that immoral?"

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The immigration issue is not "black and white," he said.

"You have the individual perspective, you have the community perspective, you have the legal perspective," Robinson said. "We’re looking at all kinds of competing interests other than an unquestioned obedience to the rules."