Considering himself a Parkite, Basin man wants spot on City Hall panel |

Considering himself a Parkite, Basin man wants spot on City Hall panel

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

A Snyderville Basin man has submitted an application to serve on the Park City Planning Commission, becoming at least the second person from outside the city limits in the last three years who has sought an appointment to the influential panel regardless of their eligibility.

Greg Cunningham, who lives on Flanders Way in Sun Peak, wants one of the two Planning Commission seats with terms expiring. City Hall officials will be expected to reject his application, though, based on his Basin residency. Someone must live within Park City to be eligible to serve on the Planning Commission.

In an interview, Cunningham said he sees himself as living in Park City. He said other people who live in the Basin hold views similar to his about their ties to Park City. Cunningham added that he visits Main Street frequently.

"I’ve always considered it Park City, and, of course, my mailing address is Park City," Cunningham said, adding, "I always thought of myself as being Park City."

According to his Planning Commission application, Cunningham has lived in the area for just more than one year and has owned a home in the Park City area for 12 years. In his application, Cunningham said he is concerned about the loss of wildlife habitat and said the city’s historic fabric should be preserved.

He said in the application, "we should push to complete projects that have been promised for years," mentioning a proposal to build a golf course at Canyons as an example. Canyons is situated outside the Park City limits, and the Park City Planning Commission does not have a role in development approvals at the resort.

Cunningham’s application also touts his knowledge of building and architectural plans and said he has visited the Park City area for 40 years.

In an interview, he said people who visit Park City are unaware of the distinctions between Park City and the Basin. He said people who visit only the Basin see themselves as having been to Park City.

"They don’t differentiate. When people come to me, they don’t argue I’m not in Park City," Cunningham said.

Cunningham said if City Hall does not receive a number of applications from Park City people interested in a Planning Commission spot, Park City leaders should loosen the eligibility requirements to allow Basin residents to serve.

"We’re in the same stew pot, if you will," he said.

The Cunningham application comes two years after another man who lives in the Basin submitted his name for an appointment to the Planning Commission. That person said in an interview at the time he assumed he lived in Park City. He resided in Silver Summit.

Meanwhile, in the early days of the 2009 City Hall campaign season, a man from the Basin publicized his interest in mounting a campaign for the mayor’s office. He did not submit campaign papers, though, after being told he was not eligible and might violate state and local laws if he filed as a candidate.

There has long been confusion, normally among Basin residents, about Park City’s boundaries and whether someone lives inside the city. People throughout the Basin have mailing addresses suggesting they live in Park City, heightening the confusion.

The Park City borders generally stretch between the McPolin Farm, Quinn’s Junction and the upper reaches of Deer Valley.

People who live in the Basin are eligible to serve on the Snyderville Basin Planning Commission, which holds similar duties in the Basin as its Park City counterpart holds within the city.

One other application had been submitted by the middle of the week. Charles Neal, who lives in Park Meadows, is seeking an appointment to the Planning Commission. The incumbents — Julia Pettit and Mick Savage — are seeking reappointment.

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