Consignment store moves to web |

Consignment store moves to web

Gina Barker, The Park Record

Marble table tops, vintage tin posters, cowhide stools and copper lamps stand in corners and are propped against bulky armoires. Tressa McLane is starting over, taking what was once a storefront consignment shop, Tressa’s Consignment and Design, and moving it into the online world. Same name, same business, just a world wide web address.

"I paid off the business loan, my lease was up, so I decided to move everything into a warehouse," McLane said. "I realized I was never in the store because I was on design jobs, but people were still asking for me. Now that it is online, people can get me by appointment."

The actual website has been around for several years, since McLane was still running the actual store. But since she closed her doors, she’s opened a warehouse in Silver Summit where the die hard and curious customers can call to schedule an appointment.

"We get all kinds of brand names and we can sell it for so much less," she said. " without the overhead of a store I can save my customers money. My customers like that."

The business model works in Park City for a number of reasons, including the extensive second home owner market and constant home remodels. McLane works as an interior designer as well as her business with the consignment warehouse and website, giving her firsthand access to furniture pieces homeowners are looking to part with.

"When I do design jobs, I will take their old furniture and sell it, place it with new furniture," McLane said. "Sometimes I do furniture brokering where I move the whole house from one place to another. I like how green the business is."

Even amid her busy schedule, she always makes time for appointments, customers revolving in and out to pick up a new lounge chair or table at the loading dock in the back of the warehouse.

"Getting a whole house of furniture is always exciting," she added. "Its hard work, but I love it."

And second home owners love it too. Customers are able to buy a piece they are interested in online from anywhere in the world and have it delivered to their Park City home. McLane said she’s even decorated entire homes this way. In one odd coincidence, a family moving away from Park City consigned all their furniture to McLane. She sold it soon after to the family moving into the house she’d just emptied.

She’s even had friends consign through her business, where family members of the consigner came in and bought entire bedroom sets, unaware that the furniture had come out of a house of a relative.

Consigners still work with Tressa’s Consignment and Design, continuing with McLane’s new business model and receiving half of any profits from the sales. As she moves into the designer world, McLane has been able to offer more through her business. From upholstery to staging to framing to finishes in the home, she’s started branching out with the freedom of her new business.

The warehouse has been up and running since the beginning of the month, where she hopes to add one-day sales each month.

"What’s kept me in Park City is this great, thriving business," McLane said. "How could I give that up?"

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