Controversial Stone Ridge development scheduled for a second public hearing |

Controversial Stone Ridge development scheduled for a second public hearing

Sarah Moffitt, The Park Record

The Snyderville Basin Planning Commission is expecting to see the same level of controversy Tuesday as the last time the Stone Ridge development was discussed at a public hearing as residents remain unconvinced at the necessity of building another 230-unit project near Old Ranch Road.

The development is proposed to be built on 300 acres south of the Silver Summit Parkway and southwest of the U.S. 40/Interstate 80 intersection. Seventy-two units will be affordable housing with 158 market-rate units.

Developers have been working with county planners and the Planning Commission since 2009. At the last public hearing in 2010, so many residents showed up to oppose the development, a Sheriff’s deputy had to be present for crowd control.

Sancy Leachman, a member of Citizens for the Alignment of Growth and the Environment (CAGE), said representative from her group will be at the public hearing on Tuesday to speak out against the development and the CORE program under which it is being filed.

"We are spreading the word about the public hearing and making sure everyone is aware," Leachman said. "This is exactly the kind of development we oppose. The CORE rezone process has been put on a moratorium by the Summit County Council because it is flawed yet they are going to let a development be built under the same process, one they admit has errors. That doesn’t seem right."

Leachman added that CAGE will be canvassing the community making sure residents know that Tuesday is the time to "speak up if they are unhappy with another dense development in the area."

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The CORE program, which allows a developer more density in exchange for the creation of affordable housing and open space, was put on a moratorium by the Council in July and is expected to be replaced with another development code in January that does not allow for as much increased density.

Stone Ridge will be the last project that is considered under the CORE system. The County courthouse is currently facing a lawsuit over another CORE development they approved.

County Planner Amir Caus said the developers have changed their plans slightly since the last public hearing, including moving some lots so they will not obstruct the ridgeline and increasing the amount of workforce housing.

"We have only received a few written statements regarding the development so far," Caus said, adding that while residents think the project has too much density, the developers are eligible for one-unit to one-acre, allowing them a potential for over 300-units.

Planning Commissioner Annette Velarde said that while the developers are facing a new Planning Commission this time around, she expects residents to feel the same way they did before.

"Nothing has really changed with this development since the last time they brought it before the Planning Commission," Velarde said. "The developer has not put any effort into public outreach or coming to a consensus with the neighbors. The density exception they are asking for is extraordinarily high and the positive impacts it will have on the community are yet to be seen."

The public hearing on the proposed Stone Ridge development will be held Tuesday, Dec. 13 at 6 p.m. at the Sheldon Richins Building.