Cops nab three in gang sting |

Cops nab three in gang sting

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

Summit County Sheriff’s Office detectives say they nabbed three documented gang members in a sting in July.

The men were arrested because they had outstanding warrants for theft and drug-related crimes, according to Detective Ron Bridge, a spokesman for the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

The men are members of a Latino street gang, Bridge said.

The Sheriff’s Office teamed with the Metro Gang Unit and Joint Criminal Apprehension Team to conduct the operation. Several law-enforcement agencies provided names of wanted gang members and a list of the 20 most wanted suspects was compiled.

The three men arrested in Summit County on July 29 and 30 made the most wanted list, Bridge explained.

According to Summit County Sheriff Dave Edmunds, "this county will not be a safe haven for gang members to continue their criminal course or conceal themselves from prosecution."

"The Summit County Sheriff’s Office will remain devoted to gang suppression," Edmunds said in a prepared statement.

This year, Edmunds said he assigned Detective Andrew Burton to investigate gang-related crime full time. Deputies in Summit County have recently arrested documented gang members for assault, graffiti, theft, burglary, weapons and drugs charges, he added.

"Essentially, serving warrants is taking a person into custody," Bridge said in a telephone interview. "These three gentlemen reside here in Summit County. These are three gentlemen who actually live here full time who are documented gang members."

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