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" baby better come back later next week ‘Cause you see I’m on losing streak."

— Mick Jagger & Keith Richards

When things go south you can feel down, beat up a bit. Your stars are crossed, ravens knock at your chamber door pleading nolo contendere, all verbs sound weak in the knees. So it goes. You need to throw open the shutters and gaze outside. Go alfresco. Remember, all things must pass.

Moving beyond the 48-24 stomping my Wasatch Wasps received at the hands of the vastly superior Logan Grizzlies in the UHSAA 3-A football semifinals down at Rice-Eccles Stadium last Thursday will be easy. Coming to terms with the narrow defeat my anti-Wal-Mart forces suffered at the polls over in Hebertown last week, however, will take some time to work through.

Many factors contributed to being able to walk away from the football defeat without packing any undue baggage. First of all, getting to the semifinals in the first place had a huge surreal component.

Anyone who stood on the sidelines at Booster Field in Heber and witnessed the regular-season walloping the Park City Miners put on the Wasps knew the football gods were smiling down on Wasatch once the regional seeding and state championship brackets came out. The Wasps had the much easier road.

But that didn’t scare Park City, who went up to Logan in the opening round and opened up a two-touchdown lead in the second-half against the number-one ranked Grizzlies. Suffice to say, Logan blocked a punt late and fell on it in the end zone with only seconds remaining to win 24-23.

Where this meander is headed is that we came extremely close to having a Park City vs. Wasatch semifinal down at the University of Utah. Could you imagine the level of trash talking we missed out on. There is the matter of the Miners getting by Delta in the quarterfinals, of course, but, hey, we’re playing "woulda-coulda-shoulda" here.

No doubt Wasatch wanted another shot at Park City and the game-that-might-have-been certainly shaped up as one for the ages. If history had repeated itself, however, and the tinseltown lads had once again triumphed, we Heberites, with hat in hand, would have paid off our beverage wagers and wished the Miners well in the state finals.

In fact, "they" would have instantly become "we." No doubt more than a few of us Wasp fans would have donned red and joined forces with our brethren from over the hill for the pilgrimage down to Rice-Eccles this time for all the marbles. But, alas, neither team will make the trip unless they’re heading down to watch Judge and Logan do battle.

As to the other end of Summit County, how ’bout them Braves? Undefeated North Summit continued its waltz through the 2-A landscape by thrashing the also-unbeaten Millard Eagles 30-6 for the state title. If you want to hear more about it, you might head out to Echo, have Frank whip you up some breakfast, and ask him if he heard who won.

If you’re not all that sure how to get there, just look for the demolition teams where they’ll soon be clear-cutting for the new Wal-Mart in Heber. From there, head north on Main Street until you pass the bowling alley and then continue on US 40 ’til you hit I-80 where you’ll swing north to the Echo off-ramp.

As one of many in the Heber Valley who demanded they put a referendum on the ballot so we could vote up-or-down on whether we wanted to repaint our once-charming community in the garish brushstrokes of the big box, I must admit I was quite confounded and stupefied by the outcome.

Prior to the vote, all the energy appeared to be on our side of the issue. Au contraire, as it turned out. This wasn’t Boyer Corporation’s first rodeo and they well knew how and when to spend their money in order to best portray themselves as the pot of gold and the end of Heber’s rainbow. Once again the rugby metaphor is perfect. They sold the dummy!

Sour grapes? Indeed! Hopefully this bunch, however, won’t think of it, like our "leaders" in Washington, as a mandate to spend political capital and unilaterally invade whatever open-space is left in the city. "Mission accomplished," they say. We’ve heard that before. Now it’s the Planning Commission in our crosshairs.

Well, at least we won’t have to drive all that far to purchase cheap Chinese products awash in leaded paint containing date-rape chemicals. You can’t make this stuff up! There, there. Get it off your chest. Don’t hold it in. It wouldn’t be healthy. Repression, remember, is at the root of most evils.

This exercise at the keyboard, if you recall, was meant to serve a therapeutic function. Getting all wound up over a local election result with the planet as a whole coming apart at the seams doesn’t demonstrate an overabundance of perspective, wouldn’t you agree?

I must say that it’s not all that difficult to go into complete denial over much that ails this particular section our spiral galaxy, especially with the completely gorgeous Indian summer we’re experiencing hereabouts stretching out day after day. Getting in a late-November round of golf, a most favorite annual rite, once again looks promising.

And there’s still some strollin’ to be done along the riverbanks and the opportunity to scope out fox and fowl amid the wetland habitat. Might as well enjoy it while it’s here. Winter will arrive soon enough as it should. Hopefully the mountains will see snow sooner than later. Lord knows, we’re due for a winning streak.

Jay Meehan is a culture junkie and a free-lance writer with a background in commercial and community radio, among other pursuits. He has been a columnist and feature writer for various Park City publications going back to 1973.

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