County Council supports raise for chairperson |

County Council supports raise for chairperson

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

The Summit County Council approved a pay increase Wednesday for its chairperson.

Summit County Councilman Chris Robinson suggested the chairperson receive a 20-percent raise because of the extra time the position involves. The chair this year is County Councilwoman Claudia McMullin.

"It is a lot more stressful," McMullin said about her new post. "You are on every second and have to be sharp. You have to listen and you have to manage expectations. You have to manage crowds."

The chairperson helps arrange agendas and conducts council meetings.

"You are keeping on top always of the to-do list and following up," McMullin said in a telephone interview.

Who serves as chairperson rotates and the person is selected each year by the County Council.

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"There is more demand on the chair," Summit County Manager Bob Jasper said in a telephone interview. "I certainly lean more on the chair."

The County Council voted 4-1 to support the pay increase. County Councilwoman Sally Elliott opposed the measure.

Councilpersons are paid $29,000 per year and receive retirement benefits. They do not receive health insurance from the county.

With the pay hike McMullin will receive an additional $5,800 this year. Councilman John Hanrahan will also receive $5,800 for chairing the council in 2009.