County election results official |

County election results official

The county canvass returned no major changes to the outcome of any local races and only slightly shifted the final counts, Summit County Clerk Kent Jones said.

Tuesday’s canvass increased the margin of victory between Michael Howard, Democratic auditor-elect, and Republican challenger Gary Shumway to 56 votes. Final totals for Howard were 5,174 votes, or 50.3 percent, and Shumway 5,230 votes, or 49.7 percent.

"It just changed the numbers a bit," Jones said of the canvass. "But the outcome was still the same."

While the county attorney’s race totals changed, the victor did not. Democratic challenger Robert Hilder defeated incumbent Republican County Attorney David Brickey 5,440 votes to 5,055 votes.

Incumbent Corrie Forsling will maintain her position as the county treasurer after defeating challenger Amy Yost 5,332 to 5,085.

Less than half of the county cast ballots for this election cycle, of 24,062 registered voters only 10,918 went to the polls, or about 45 percent.

The county received 39 absentee ballots, but only qualified 29. Eight ballots were postmarked after Nov. 4 and two lacked signatures. 215 provisional ballots, out of 258, were also received and qualified.

"2014 is in the books and I’m glad it’s over," Jones said.

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