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Climbing gym gets added height

The Mine climbing gym was awarded a special exception by the Summit County Council last week to exceed the height limits for its new facility in the Park City Business Center.

The gym was seeking the ability to extend a portion of the gym up to 48 feet to allow for an Olympic-sized speed climbing wall. The height limit on the service commercial zone is 32 feet.

County Council Chair Roger Armstrong and Councilors Kim Carson and Chris Robinson voted to support the measure, while Councilors Doug Clyde and Glenn Wright voted against it.

Wind Farm Approved

The Echo Divide Wind Park cleared one of its last approval hurdles Sept. 5, receiving a conditional use permit from the Eastern Summit County Planning Commission.

The vote was unanimous.

Enyo Renewable energy has secured an interconnection agreement with Rocky Mountain Power that allows it to hook up to its grid, but so far does not have a purchaser in place to buy the power it generates.

A representative said 2021 would be an optimistic date to begin generating electricity. Since the project has a construction time of nine months to a year, that means crews may break ground as early as spring 2020.

It would use up to 39 turbines along the Utah-Wyoming border south of Interstate 80 to generate up to 100-megawatts of electricity, according to the application.

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