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County Report

Bookings Report

The following people were booked into the Summit County jail last week:

Frank Joseph Curtis was arrested on June 18 for possession of more than one pound of marijuana and intent to distribute.

Jeff Hall was arrested on June 24 for possession of marijuana.

Brittany Lynn Rasmussen was arrested on June 24 for burglary

Court Report

The following cases were heard in Summit County’s Third District Court last week:

Angelo Bertagnole, 18, had a preliminary hearing after he was charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and failure to stop when commanded after he tried to run from police, according to Summit County Attorney David Brickey.

Pano Michael Dupree, 49, a defense attorney from South Carolina, had a preliminary hearing after he was charged with two counts of assaulting a peace officer, interfering with police and failure to disclose identification.

Brickey said Matt Govin pleaded guilty last week to offering to sell alcohol to an underage minor. Govin was caught during the Summit County Sheriff department’s undercover "Shoulder Tap" program.

Sheriff’s Report

The Summit County Sheriff’s office responded to multiple reports of domestic disturbances and noise complaints last week. Other calls received by the Summit County Sheriff’s office include:

On Tuesday, June 19, a van was stolen from a parking lot in Kimball Junction in the Basin and a car in the Sun Peak neighborhood had multiple items stolen from when it was left unlocked in a driveway.

One Wednesday, June 20, a store-owner in Henefer reported that cash, beer and cigarettes had been stolen and he had a suspect.

A vehicle that had been stolen from a Summit County resident was located in West Valley City when the suspect tried to sell the vehicle to an auto shop.

Also on June 20, three men were arrested in Redstone in the Basin after they got into an altercation at a party and fired a handgun while they were driving away. Two of the suspects attempted to run from deputies but were apprehended. One unoccupied condo was struck by a stray bullet.

On Thursday, June 21, deputies arrested a Best Buy employee after he reportedly stole $5,000 from the company over the course of several months through online accounts and Best Buy account cards.

A woman who was hiking in the Uintas reported finding possible human bones on the trail. Deputies collected the remains and determined them to be non-human.

A white van with the keys in the vehicle was stolen from Kimball Junction Thursday night. The two suspects, a male and female, were reportedly riding a motorcycle.

Also on Thursday, a man was stabbed in the stomach and leg at a party in Pinebrook. The suspect, Patrick Flaherty, fled the scene but was apprehended by deputies after an extensive search of the area. The victim is recovering at the University of Utah Medical Center.

On Friday, June 22, another suspect was arrested in connection with the stabbing that occurred Thursday night. It was determined that the second suspect and Flaherty had cocaine at the party and were both charged with possession of a controlled substance.

A man was arrested in the Basin after multiple residents reported that he was standing on the road. When deputies responded the suspect was found to be extremely intoxicated and a danger to himself. The suspect was booked for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

A resident reported that a pickup truck in Coalville pulled up behind a gas station late at night and stole 10 car batteries from the store.

A new bike with the price tag still attached was found on top of a basketball hoop in the Basin. The bike is valued at $550.

A man was pulled over for speeding in North Summit and deputies found he had an active warrant for $10,000 from Taylorsville for driving with a suspended license.

A resident in Ranch Place reported that his iPod was stolen out of his unlocked vehicle in his driveway over night. A check and scooters were also in the car but were untouched.

Also on Friday, a woman reported that her car was stolen from a Kimball Junction parking lot after she left the keys in the vehicle while eating dinner. The description of the suspects was the same as the suspects that stole a car from the same area early that week. Salt Lake City Police located the car two hours later after they received a suspicious persons report near an auto parts store. The suspects fled and the car was returned to Summit County.

On Saturday, June 23, a male reported that a female had pointed a gun at him at Whitney Reservoir during a dispute over a fishing spot. The two people involved had conflicting reports of what happened and no arrests were made.

On Sunday, June 24, deputies pulled over a man for speeding on Interstate 80 and found marijuana and drug paraphernalia in his vehicle.

A woman in the Basin reported that her son had not returned home in the evening and she did not know where he was and could not contact him. The boy has stayed out all night before and was arrested last week for joyriding in his father’s car. The boy was located Monday morning in Park City and returned to his family.