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Court Report

The following cases were heard in Summit County’s Third District Court last week:

Anthony Wayne Meredith, 20, was assigned a defense attorney by the courts and assigned a court date. Meredith was arrested on July 13 for aggravated assault charges.

Benjamin Atkinson, 29, made his first appearance in court and was assigned a defense attorney. His request to reduce his bail amount was denied. Atkinson is charged with intent to distribute a controlled substance, a third-degree felony, and possession of a controlled substance.

Sheriff’s Report

The Summit County Sheriff’s Office responded to multiple reports of windows being broken and people being hit by marbles. The Boyer Research Park Building ,located on the corner of State Road 224 and the Olympic Parkway, has had its newly installed windows shot out by marbles multiple times.

On Monday, July 16, a resident in the Basin reported that someone stole her wallet from the front seat of her car while she was filling up at a gas station.

Also on Monday, deputies arrested a man in Kamas for living in Utah for over a year and never obtaining a Utah driver’s license.

On Tuesday, July 17, deputies pulled over a driver in the Basin for having an expired registration and found marijuana in the vehicle. Deputies said the driver attempted to obstruct their investigation by "crotching" the drugs.

Deputies arrested a man on suspicion of stealing batteries from Moore’s Tire and Service and Napa Auto Parts stores in Coalville. The suspect gave deputies a false name when she was arrested and drugs were located in her purse.

On Wednesday, July 18, a driver on Interstate 80 was arrested for possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia after deputies pulled him over for an improper lane change.

A vehicle was pulled over on S.R. 224 and deputies discovered that a passenger in the vehicle was in possession of "distribution amounts" of marijuana.

On Thursday, July 19, a Basin resident reported that his daughter’s ex-boyfriend was stalking her and making her fear for her safety. The girl’s father reported that his daughter constantly receives texts and phone calls from the boy and he even followed her to California.

A man was arrested on I-80 after deputies found drugs and paraphernalia in a trailer he was pulling.

Also on Thursday, deputies received multiple noise complaints from residents who said that Triple Crown Softball Tournament participants were making a lot of noise in their hotels and condos late at night.

On Friday, July 20, a Peoa resident told deputies that he had been hit by a car and then changed his story to say he was beaten with a wrench. The man’s friends told deputies his injuries were caused by being too drunk and falling over. The man was taken to a hospital and examined.

Two Salt Lake City residents reportedly pulled over near Jeremy Ranch to sober up before completing their trip from Park City to Taylorsville. While parked, the two occupants of the vehicle got into a fight and the passenger threw the car keys into the field and then fled on foot. Deputies gave the driver of the vehicle a ride to his house and were unable to locate the passenger.

A driver in North Summit fell asleep behind the wheel and hit two parked cars. No one was injured.

A driver told deputies that someone had brandished a weapon at him while he was driving on I-80 eastbound. Deputies stopped the suspected vehicle and found that the weapon seen by the other driver was a toy gun being played with by a child.

On Saturday, July 21, deputies arrested two men in the Basin after a cab driver reported they jumped out of the cab without paying. Deputies found that one of the men was so intoxicated he was a danger to himself. Both men were booked on charges of public intoxication and theft of services.

On Sunday, July 22, deputies responded to an apparent suicide in North Summit.

A man was arrested near Echo Reservoir for having an illegal open fire.

On Monday, July 23, a woman reported that her ex-boyfriend came to where she worked and pushed over her register. When deputies located the man, they found that he was also in possession of multiple stolen DVDs.

A hit-and-run was reported in the Basin where a car had run into a tennis court fence. Deputies located the vehicle nearby but were unable to make contact with the owner.

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