County Sheriff’s Report |

County Sheriff’s Report

Summit County Sheriff’s Office detectives are investigating an alleged rape that occurred in the Sandy/Draper area, Sheriff’s Office Detective Josh Wall said.

Two women reported the rape to the Sheriff’s Office Aug. 22 and attempted to obtain a protective order against the suspect, Wall said.

"We basically took an initial report and referred it down to the Draper/Sandy area," he said. "I’m not even sure if [the suspect] lives up here now but his wife and family was up here."

Wall said, "It sounds like he had lied about his age. He is 24 years old and claimed he was about 17 and hooked up with this girl I’m not sure what her age is but I get the impression that she’s pretty young."

Other recent calls received by county dispatchers include:

A man allegedly struck a Park City police officer on Main Street Aug. 23 after the rapper Nas failed to perform as scheduled at Harry O’s because he reportedly missed a flight.

"Officers were up there working with the narcotics task force because Nas is a known gang member," Wall said. "Harry O’s decided to cut the cover charge and refund everybody’s money. Now everybody’s got an extra two drinks worth of money and it turned into a party."

A suspect began mouthing off to officers in the street at about 1:30 a.m., Wall said.

"He decides to take a swing at one of the Park City officers and I can’t imagine why anybody would want to pick a fight with this guy," Wall said. "The officer blocks it and pummels him about the head and shoulders and took him into custody."

The suspect was arrested and booked into the Summit County jail.

"They did call medical for this guy," Wall said about the suspect, adding that the officer suffered only minor scrapes in the confrontation.

A Salt Lake County man was arrested in the Snyderville Basin after he fought with his girlfriend in a parking lot on Rasmussen Road Aug. 23 at 1:52 p.m.

Wall said while the man was inside a store without his cell phone he received a text message from a woman who is not his girlfriend. His girlfriend waiting in the car reportedly read the electronic note.

"A catfight ensues in the car and [deputies] showed up and arrested the guy for assault," Wall said. "He stole [his girlfriend’s] cell phone and wouldn’t give it back to her."

The owners of a condominium on Park Lane at Newpark Town Center returned to their unit Aug. 22 to find the television and lights had been turned on while they were away.

"They also found an empty pizza box and packaging and crumbs on the kitchen counter," Wall said, adding that no property was missing from the home. "It just sounds like somebody swooped in on the place while they were gone."

A North Summit man told a dispatcher two motorcycles were stolen at a campground in Coalville Aug. 22 at 7:54 p.m.

A group of people camping in the Uinta Mountains east of Kamas Aug. 19 found an unidentified bone near the Upper Provo River.

"They turned it over to the U.S. Forest Service and marked the area where they found it," Wall said. "We get these quite a bit. Everybody who finds a bone in the Uintas calls us."

The Sheriff’s Office is busy identifying "a couple bones right now," Wall said.

"We’ve done several of these," he said, adding that a state anthropologist will determine if the bone is human.

"They were hiking about a quarter-mile down the Provo River from the North Fork parking, which isn’t Timbuktu," Wall said. "That’s not that far off the pavement and critters die in the Uintas, that’s just a fact."

A 6-year-old child allegedly sexually molested a 3-year-old girl in western Summit County, the mother of the 3-year-old told the Sheriff’s Office Aug. 18 at 11:05 a.m.

Meanwhile, deputies are investigating a separate case of child abuse that the mother of a 3-year-old boy in Summit County reported Aug. 17.

"The doctor said it looked like he had a rash on his lip," Wall said, adding that the boy showed "no sign of trauma."

No arrests have been made in the case, Wall said.

"Mom said that the child had told her that dad gave him a pill," Wall said. "They are running a toxicology on the kid to see if he ingested anything he shouldn’t have. Right now there really is no evidence of any abuse."

Aug. 17 a suspect allegedly evaded a deputy in his cruiser who pursued the man toward Parleys Summit on Interstate 80 after the suspect disrupted business at a video store at Quarry Village.

"He asked to use the phone at Blockbuster. They gave him the phone and he starts just screaming at people on the phone," Wall said, adding that the man was asked to leave the store at about 7 p.m.

A deputy located the man at the Jeremy Store.

"The guy jumps in his car and takes off," Wall said. "The officer goes back to his car and turns on his lights to chase the guy down."

The deputy ended the search near Parleys Summit after failing to catch the suspect.

"We didn’t ever locate the guy," Wall said.

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