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County Sheriff’s Report


A driver at Domino’s Pizza on Kearns Boulevard was stiffed by a man in Pinebrook Sept. 15, the authorities say.

"The driver was paid at the door but as the gentleman he had taken the pizza to was closing the door, he actually took his money back and closed the door on the pizza-delivery driver’s face. It’s kind of odd," said Detective Ron Bridge, a Summit County Sheriff’s Office spokesman. "The manager of the pizza-delivery company explained that they were not willing to pursue it, so it’s closed."

In 12 years in law enforcement, Bridge said he has not seen a similar case.

Other calls emergency dispatchers in Summit County have recently received include:

A boy with a bong at Powderwood condominiums was issued a citation for possession of drug paraphernalia Sept. 15, according to Bridge.

A security guard initially detained the suspect. The boy was issued a citation and released at about 10:10 p.m.

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On Sept. 14, a caller in Henefer said somebody called her repeatedly claiming she had won "millions of dollars," Bridge said.

"She was informed that she had won a prize, the prize was money and she just needed to wire them a little bit of money to send the money," Bridge said. "If you get contacted by e-mail or by telephone that you won some money and that you need to send money to get money, that’s fraudulent."

The woman did the correct thing by calling police, he said.

"We can try to trace back the number and try to figure out what was going on," Bridge said, adding that deputies are investigating the case.

Somebody in Highland Estates complained to the Sheriff’s Office Sept. 11 that a 16-year-old boy who lives next door might be driving a pickup truck to school without a license.

"He explained that he saw what he thought was his underage neighbor driving a vehicle to and from school every day and didn’t know if he had a license," Bridge said.

Deputies are investigating the case.

Meanwhile, an investigation is also underway into whether a 15-year-old girl in the Coalville area has been driving a white Dodge Ram without a license.

"Deputies have attempted to contact these people but haven’t yet," Bridge said.