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Compiled by Patrick Parkinson

Tuesday a group of hunters near Marion found the body of a 57-year-old Oakley man who apparently died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head, the authorities said.

The body was found in Seymour Canyon near Hoyts Peak at about 10 a.m., said Josh Wall, a spokesman for the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

A small-caliber pistol was found near the man’s body, Wall said, adding that the man left a suicide letter at his home in South Summit.

Senate to consider judge with ties to Park City

A judge who heard several high-profile Summit County cases is slated to be appointed to the Utah Court of Appeals.

Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. appointed Third District Court Presiding Judge Robert K. Hilder to fill the upcoming vacancy in September.

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The Senate Judicial Confirmation Committee now must approve the appointment and is expected to meet in November. The public can submit comments about Hilder to committee members by mailing letters to Jerry D. Howe at the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel, Utah State Capitol Complex, W210 House Building, Salt Lake City, Utah 84114.

The deadline to submit comments is Oct. 31 at 5 p.m. Contact Howe for more information by calling (801) 538-1032.

Hilder received his law degree from the University of Utah and has presided on the bench in Summit and Salt Lake counties. He has been a Third District Court judge since 1995.

State engineer to retire

Utah State Engineer Jerry Olds has announced his retirement. Gov. Mike Leavitt appointed Olds to the quasi-judicial position seven years ago.

Olds has worked for the state Division of Water Rights for 36 years.

"At first I thought I would work a few years with the state to gain experience and then move on," Olds said in a prepared statement Thursday. "However, I found the work to be interesting, challenging and rewarding enough to want to stay."

Olds says his greatest achievement as engineer was overseeing the automation of water rights records in the state.

"Water is the key to future growth, yet there is a finite amount of water, so proper management of water will be critical," Olds said.

His last day on the job is Dec. 16. The governor will select his replacement and the state Senate must approve the nominee.

Mexican religious leaders to tour Park City

The public is invited to meet religious leaders from Mexico Sunday and have dinner at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church at 4595 North Silver Springs. The church is next to the Blue Roof Market.

The dinner will honor Bishop Carlos Touche-Porter, the Anglican Primate of Mexico and Canon Pablo Ramos, vicar of Espiritu Santo Church, which is located in a suburb of Mexico City.

The dinner is free but those interested in attending are asked to reserve space by contacting St. Luke’s at 649-4900.

St Luke’s is forming a relationship with the Espiritu Santo church, according to Father Charles Robinson.

Six members of St. Luke’s visited the congregation in Mexico last month. St. Luke’s offers pastoral care, baptisms, special celebrations and occasional masses in Spanish through its San Lucas congregation in Summit County.

For more information contact St. Luke’s at 649-4900.