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Posted on the Web this week next to an image of Jesus Christ, an appeal to voters by a Jeremy Ranch Libertarian vying to replace outgoing Rep. David Ure, R-Kamas, in Utah’s House of Representatives, claimed the philosophy of Christ "is not what Republicans, Democrats and [others] want for you."

"Satan’s plan was that he was going to force us to do his will," Libertarian candidate Gary Shumway writes on his campaign Web site. "Satan’s plan is that we would be forced to follow the commandments."

Shumway is battling Coalville Republican Mel Brown and Coalville Democrat Laura Bonham to serve most of Summit County in House District 53.

"According to the LDS teachings, with which I was raised, part of the plan of salvation and our sojourn on this earth involved our being free to choose," Shumway states on his Web site.

The House candidate then expands on why Christ may have been a Libertarian.

"It turns out that God chose the plan proffered by Jesus, i.e., we should have freedom of choice," Shumway writes. "This didn’t set well with Satan, so he and a third of the spirits in heavan rebelled and caused a great war in heavan."


Discount prescription drugs

Residents in Summit County are now eligible to receive discounts on prescription drugs from the National Association of Counties.

According to Summit County personnel director Brian Bellamy, discount cards are now available to citizens that offer an average savings of 20 percent off prescribed medications.

More than 57,000 pharmacies nationwide accept the discount cards, including Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Smith’s Food and Drug and Rite Aid in Park City, Bellamy said.

"It appears to be a pretty good deal for people who don’t have insurance," he added.

All county residents are eligible regardless of income, age or existing health coverage.

"The drug discount card program helps consumers save money on their prescription medications any time their prescriptions are not covered by insurance," a report provided by Bellamy to the Summit County Commission states. "There is no enrollment form, no membership fees and no restrictions or limits on frequency of use."

According to Bellamy, the prescription cards should be available at libraries, health departments and other county facilities within 60 days.

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