Court date set for Porter and Dudley |

Court date set for Porter and Dudley

Megan Yeiter , The Park Record

Park City High School seniors Derek A. Porter, 18, and Jesse V. Dudley, 18, are scheduled to appear in Third District court Monday to face Summit County prosecuting attorney Matt Bates. According to Bates, he’s planning to charge the two students with three felonies. The students were arrested last week after causing about $8,000 in damages at the high school on June 7. A third senior was also a part of the vandalism acts and has been referred to juvenile court as a minor.

According to Summit County prosecuting attorney David Brickey, the students will be charged with a second-degree felony of criminal mischief, which is charged when damage to a property is worth more than $5,000. Third-degree felony burglary charges may also be filed, because the students entered the building without permission with the intent to damage or steal something, Bates said.

"The third charge we filed is attempted dealing of a material harmful to a minor. That means that under the law, pornography is deemed to be material harmful to a minor," Bates said. "Typically if an adult gives a minor a pornographic magazine, or makes them watch a pornographic movie, we would charge them with this. We charged an ‘attempted’ because they didn’t give it to the minor, they just posted it in places where students would see the photos."

Bates is waiting on the school’s appraisal of the damage. Once he has those numbers, he can estimate the cost to the delinquents.