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Court Reports

Man attacks non-existent burglars with bow and arrow

On Nov. 26, Mark Patrick Moyer, 45, from the Basin, reported he was holding several people who were taking property from his apartment at "bow-point," according to charging documents.

When deputies arrived at Moyer’s studio apartment, they found him in his driveway with a notched arrow in a compound bow, ready to fire. He also had a black pistol sticking out of his back pocket.

Moyer claimed two people were still inside his apartment. Deputies searched the apartment and did not find anyone, nor did they find any signs of forced entry. Moyer said the burglars must have left through a "secret trap-door in the kitchen," the criminal pleading alleged.

Deputies did find a prescription pill bottle in the apartment containing what appeared to be a controlled substance. They also found cocaine near the bedpost.

One of the deputies noticed Moyer was agitated, insisted people were inside his apartment and appeared to be hallucinating. He also noticed an arrow had been fired inside the apartment at Moyer’s own coat.

The deputy found Moyer to be a danger to himself and others, due to his intoxication and apparent use of dangerous weapons.

Moyer was arrested and charged with third-degree felony possession of a controlled substance, class A misdemeanor possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, class B misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and class C misdemeanor intoxication.

A roll call hearing is scheduled for Jan. 14 with Judge Todd Shaughnessy. The hearing ensures Moyer is the correct person being charged, and also allows prosecuting and defending attorneys to negotiate a settlement.

Man charged with trafficking 12 pounds of marijuana with his son in the car

Ryan M. Cooper, 36, from California, faces several charges after a Summit County Sheriff deputy discovered over 12 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop, with Cooper’s 14-year-old son in the passenger seat.

Cooper admitted he was being paid to transport the drugs from Oakland, Calif. to Indianapolis, Ind., according to charging documents filed in Third District Court.

The deputy stopped Cooper on Nov. 18 for going 8 mph over the speed limit on I-80, and told Cooper he would be deploying the Sheriff’s Department K-9 to detect possible drugs in the vehicle.

Before the K-9 was deployed, Cooper admitted to having a small amount of marijuana inside a toiletries bag in the vehicle. The deputy found the marijuana in the toiletries bag, as well as two syringes containing liquid mushroom spores.

The deputy also found 12.2 pounds of marijuana in the back of the vehicle.

Cooper was charged with second-degree felony possession of a controlled substance, third-degree felony possession of a controlled substance, third-degree felony child endangerment, class A misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia and class C misdemeanor speeding.

A $25,000 warrant was issued for Cooper’s failure to appear at his initial court hearing on Monday.

Male threatens female with gun and knife

On May 25, a female reported she had gone camping at Rockport Reservoir with Michael Charles Gainer, 34, of South Jordan, whom she had only met that morning. During the night, Gainer reportedly approached her wearing a headlamp and pointing a pistol at her, telling her there was "one in the chamber," according to Third District Court charging documents filed in Third District Court.

The female recognized the pistol as a pellet gun and chided him for pointing it at her. Gainer than told her he was going to stab her. Remembering Gainer had a folding knife earlier in the day, and fearing he would use it on her, she swung a piece of firewood at him. He then struck her in the head with an unknown object that opened a two-inch laceration on her head, then fled the area, the criminal pleading alleged.

When the Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived, he searched the campsite for evidence of Gainer’s identity and found an eyeglass case containing an unused needle and 0.6 grams of methamphetamine.

A short time later, Gainer called dispatch and claimed the female had assaulted him. Deputies located his vehicle and arrested him. A vehicle search revealed a headlamp, a folding knife, an unused syringe and a cut straw with residue.

Gainer was charged with third-degree felony aggravated assault, and was sentenced Monday to serve 30 days in jail, 50 hours of community service and two years probation. He was also ordered to undergo a mental health and substance abuse evaluation and to complete any recommended treatment.

Wanted man punches deputy in the groin at fast food restaurant

Jonathon Lugo Suarez, 19, of Midway punched a Summit County Sheriff deputy in the groin while trying to resist arrest.

Sheriff Deputy Joshua Bowers contacted Suarez at the fast food restaurant in Kimball Junction where Suarez was working concerning warrants issued for failing to appear in court. When Bowers attempted to arrest Suarez, he tried to walk away. Bowers physically restrained Suarez, but he broke loose and punched Bowers in the groin, according to the criminal pleading filed.

Suarez then fled to a nearby hotel and hid in the basement maintenance room, where he was discovered by two hotel employees. The employees attempted to detain Suarez, and pinned him to the floor. Suarez allegedly grabbed one of the employees by the hand and bent his fingers back until the tendons tore, and then fled.

Deputies later located Suarez in West Valley City. He faces charges of class A misdemeanor assault against a peace officer, class A misdemeanor assault, class A misdemeanor failure to stop at command of law officer and class B misdemeanor interference with arresting officer.

Suarez is scheduled for a roll call hearing on Dec. 17 with Judge Todd Shaughnessy.

Man steals money and keys from spa lockers

On Aug. 19, 2012, Gary R. Singer, 35, went to a Park City spa to exercise. While there, he allegedly entered the men’s locker room, opened a locker and removed cash from a gym bag.

Singer left the spa and went to a Kimball Junction spa and went to the men’s locker room. He opened a locker and took a set of car keys, which he used to open the vehicle and took a wallet containing more than $1,000, a ring and a watch valued at $400 to $500.

Singer then attempted to use a credit card taken from the wallet to purchase sunglasses, but was denied the purchase. He was able to use it to purchase gas and other items from a gas station, however.

The second victim worked with law enforcement and gym staff to identify Singer, who confessed to entering both spas and taking the items.

Singer was sentenced Monday to 30 days in jail, a $500 fine and three years probation.

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