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Jamie N. Cordery, 23, Coalville, pleaded guilty on Monday to two counts of second-degree felony distributing a controlled substance. In exchange for her plea, a third-degree felony charge for possession of a controlled substance was dismissed. Her sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 7.

On Sept. 26, Cordery distributed heroin to other inmates while she was in the Summit County Jail. A female inmate informed a corrections officer that some of the women in her unit had been using heroin, which had been passed out by Cordery just before she was released.

The inmates were strip searched and drug-tested. Four inmates tested positive for opiates. Upon questioning, the inmates confirmed Cordery had given them the heroin.

Cordery had been booked into jail after a warrant search in a Kimball Junction parking lot on Sept. 24 revealed within her purse two spoons blackened by fire, several used syringes, two blood-stained cloth tourniquets, pieces of tin foil with burned residue, broken balloons and several plastic squares.

Deputies also located green organic material that tested positive for marijuana and cotton that tested positive for opium. Cordery admitted to knowledge of the drug paraphernalia in her purse and said she would test positive for heroin.

Cordery also has a pending second-degree felony case in Salt Lake County, where she was arrested on a charge of drug distribution. A search of her purse and vehicle on May 8 revealed 52 balloons that tested positive for heroin, burnt foil, a pipe and a scale.

When questioned, Cordery replied that it was the first time she had sold to anyone and anticipated it would be a great way to make money.

Auto burglary and theft

Susana Vaavaai, 23, West Valley City, pleaded guilty January this year to auto burglary and theft. Because it was her first offense, she was put on probation for nine months and given a community service assignment.

She appeared in court on Monday for a probation violation for not completing community service. line> the time of the hearing, she had served eight days in jail, so Judge Todd Shaughnessy gave her credit for the time served and closed the case.

On Oct. 13, 2011, deputies responded to three auto burglaries in Jeremy Ranch. The vehicles had smashed windows and items missing. One of the victims reported hearing a vehicle with a loud muffler drive by 10 to 20 minutes prior to discovering the burglary.

Deputies located a vehicle matching the description a few blocks from where the burglaries had occurred and questioned the driver. The driver admitted to burglarizing the vehicles, and a search revealed the missing items. Vaavaai was a passenger in the vehicle.


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