Craving anti-oxidants? Go to Crave Acai |

Craving anti-oxidants? Go to Crave Acai

Gina Barker, The Park Record

Only two-weeks-old, the Park City healthy treats shop Crave Acai Bowl is already starting to attract a following. That following just happens to be from the nearby high school, a fact all three owners said is an exciting first step forward.

Cheri Osguthorpe, Angela Peterson and Susan Cummings started the business with a few ideas in mind. First, create a hang out space where younger crowds can relax while enjoying an anti-oxidant loaded snack. So far, the three said its working.

"Tourists are great, of course," Peterson said. "But we want to see locals coming in. That’s been the trend so far."

Osguthorpe agreed.

"Everyone who comes in comes back with a friend," she said.

The Brazilian dish is made from frozen, mashed acai fruit found in the Amazon and is served like a smoothie in a bowl, usually topped with granola, banana or mixed with other fruits. Despite the dish’s far off origins, it’s finding a growing home in the United States.

Osguthorpe and Peterson, who are sisters as well as business partners, first found the idea in a small town in Idaho. While the two loved the product, Osguthorpe said what she remembered most how packed the small business was with middle school and high school students, many of whom rode their bikes to get there.

"There must be some kind of demand," Osguthorpe said, "and best of all it keeps kids from living of dollar menus."

When the same pattern appeared at the original acai bowl shop in California, Osguthorpe and Peterson knew it was something worth bringing to Park City. The two brought Cummings on board and got to work. In a week and a half, the three went from building permits in hand to their opening day.

"There were just tons of kids," Osguthorpe said. "That got us thinking, if this could work in a small town in Idaho and a large city in California, why wouldn’t this work in Park City?"

With options from dairy-free to gluten-free, Osguthorpe, Peterson and Cummings not only make their dishes a regular in their own diet, but are confident health buffs will do the same. Whether customers are looking for an energy boost or something that fits into narrow diet parameters, the three believe they have something for everyone.

"This is all about getting our community involved," Peterson said, "just doing something good. Money is great, but our objective is to involve people in the health ideas here."

Cummings brought in games to add to the "hang out" feel the owners are trying to cultivate and is suggesting the February Special to everyone.

"There’s something comforting about this food for me," Cummings said. "That’s why it’s usually my lunch."

If customers weren’t interested in the games, Peterson said they might want to check out their anti-oxidant levels scanner, a machine that can read anti-oxidant levels by scanning the palm. With color codes ranging from red to blue, customers can find out their anti-oxidant health score. Anti-oxidants can be used to strengthen the immune system and prevent long-term diseases.

Crave Acai Bowl also plans on offering Ladies’ Night, a personal development book club, recipe swaps and health conscious classes, all for free.

"If you’re a local athlete or health conscious or have food allergies that make you feel like you can’t eat out, we offer something different," Peterson said. "It’s a niche that manages to target a lot of people."

"We want to be here to stay," Cumming added.

For information on upcoming events, search for Crave Acai Bowl on Facebook.

Contact Information:

1776 Park Ave. Ste 12



Mon. Fri. from

9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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