Crossfit a different kind of workout |

Crossfit a different kind of workout

Pull up bars and rope climbing, timed sprints and free weights. No, it’s not a middle school gymnasium. It’s where locals can get one of Park City’s newest workouts, CrossFit Miners Town, and it is much harder than a typical gym period.

The new business, which opened in June, is building a model on tried-and-true workout techniques with a crossfit twist.

Whether it’s running, weight lifting or resistance training, owner and trainer Michael Lynch believes in the crossfit method where members of the gym perform a number of tasks during a session, moving between workout stations. The goal is simple: never stop moving.

CrossFit uses a competitive atmosphere to push participants to the next level, using a combination of weightlifting exercises and cardiovascular activities, and all the while Lynch is there driving members toward their goals.

An introductory workout could include a wide array of activities, all with the purpose of jarring the body into weight loss and building muscle as members bounce from set to set. Squats, pull ups, burpees, thrusters. Repeat.

"We don’t isolate muscle groups here," he said. "Crossfit is bigger than coming in and lifting weights. It’s a paradigm shift, a style of working out, an ability to break through mental barriers so that you walk away with more self-confidence."

Experience and athletic ability are not a requirement to join, Lynch said, with a handful of his members in their 70s. The fitness program, designed specifically to be general, could benefit grandmothers and Olympic athletes alike, he added, setting a baseline for each new member and starting from there.

More than once, members walked through the doors with a single objective. No, not weight loss or better muscle tone, though both are side effects.

"People come in all the time saying their biggest goal is to be able to do a pull up," Lynch said. "It’s a common goal, and one that is very attainable here."

Lynch has seen a wide range of abilities when people first join, with some not able to do a full squat on their first try. But before long, their confidence and abilities shift toward becoming stronger.

"That’s the thing about crossfit," Lynch said. "It gets into your blood. You drink the Kool-Aid."

Lynch is a California native who moved to Park City with his wife more than seven years ago. Before taking on his first business, he worked in architecture firms in the local area. But the desk job was wearing on him, the original prompt for Lynch to get into crossfit. After his first session more three years ago, Lynch, a high school and college athlete, said he was hooked. And from there, his wife became hooked. Then his mother.

"It was an eye-opening experience," he said. "There was a lot more that I needed to do to be fit."

New members receive a free intro to the program where they can learn how crossfit works. After another three beginner sessions during which Lynch works one-on-one to develop form and explain the way the system works, members join a class and would work with others to improve their time in completing workouts or push themselves to do more.

And Lynch pushes people to talk, to get to know the people they are working out with, an aspect of suffering together, he said. People discuss their goals, their diets, where they started, and the gym is even hosting a Paleo-Diet Challenge that members can participate in.

"This becomes a social club to those who keep coming," Lynch said. "It’s amazing to see the community interaction that forms here. Friends tell friends who tell friends. Pretty soon we have neighbors and groups of friends who all become crossfitters. It’s a built-in support system."

CrossFit Miners Town

1792 Bonanza Dr. Suite C-100


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