Cutting some holiday ice with the Figure Skating Club of Park City |

Cutting some holiday ice with the Figure Skating Club of Park City

The Figure Skating Club of Park City’s annual Holiday Extravaganza performances are less formal than the spring performance and give skaters the opportunity to take charge of a program.

"It’s a recital format that allows the skaters to choose their own music and create a piece for their friends and families that showcase their talents and what they’ve learned through the season," said Erika Roberts, program director for the Figure Skating Club of Park City and the skating director for the Park City Ice Arena. "This year the skaters have the opportunity to perform a solo or get together with friends to do a duet or trio. That way there is a variety coming the audience’s way."

The Figure Skating Club of Park City will host its 2011 Holiday Extravaganza at the Park City Ice Arena, 600 Gillmor Way, at Quinn’s Junction, on Wednesday, Dec. 21, from 7 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. This year marks the fifth annual presentation and the fourth held at the Ice Arena.

Club skaters and younger participants from the Learn-to-Skate and Bunny Hops programs will also present selections during the night, Roberts said.

"Figure Skating Club members range in age from three to somewhere in the 30s, and we also have some of our own Park City Ice Arena and Figure Skating Club professional coaches who will perform as well," she said. "We are still fairly new club, being the rink has only been open for only five years now, but feature every level from beginner to intermediate.

"So, the performance will include some double jumps and a lots of single jumps and a lot of smiles for sure," she said.

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In addition, the evening will present a special guest, Colby Judd, a soloist from Coalville.

"He is competing in the Junior National Championships this week," Roberts said.

In addition to the skating, there will be some song and dance by the Park City Glee.

"They will sing and do a couple of numbers at the opening of the show and the skaters will skate to some of their songs," Roberts explained. "We’ve never had live singing for the extravaganza before."

Most of the music that will be skated to, live or recorded, will be holiday themed, but there are a couple of selections that aren’t holiday flavored.

"There will be a variety of things going on," Roberts said.

While the audience will enjoy seeing some of the routines, the real joy belongs to the club members.

"Our skaters work all season long training and doing off- and on-ice programs and lessons," Roberts said. but their real test is to be able to perform for an audience and to learn how to express themselves and showcase their talents," Roberts said. "It’s one thing to do something during practice, but a whole other thing to put on the costume and actually perform."

Older club members also do several competitions throughout the year, which are not at the Park City Ice Arena.

"They also take part in the United State Figure Skating testing sessions, which happened throughout the Salt Lake Valley, and there is a lot of pressure," Roberts said. "The extravaganza gives them a chance to have fun and also gives the community an opportunity to see what these kids can do, and how we’re utilizing this great facility it built for us.".

Another benefit is how the performance touches lives.

"We’ve had numerous kids ask to come join the club after watching the performance, because they were so inspired and motivated and wanted to become figure skaters," Roberts said. "If a child wants to become a member of the club, they need to learn how to skate first. That’s where our Learn-to-Skate classes come in. We offer them at the first of the year and also schedule camps over the holiday break and offer private lessons as well."

Roberts said the club moved the date back to give more people a chance to attend.

"This way tourists and other visitors in town can enjoy the performance this year," she said. .

The Figure Skating Club of Park City will present its annual Holiday Extravaganza at the Park City ice Arena, 600 Gillmor Way, on Wednesday, Dec. 21, at 7 p.m. Admission is $5. Kids ages six and younger will be admitted by free. The event will feature holiday and non-holiday routines by members of the skating club and Park City Glee. Hot chocolate and snacks will also be on sale. For more information, call (435) 615-5700 or visit