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Dan Liljenquist: turnaround artist

by Jay Hamburger THE PARK RECORD

NAME: Dan Liljenquist

AGE: 37

RESIDENCE: Bountiful

EXPERIENCE: former state senator, turnaround artist, economics and law degrees

WEBSITE: http://www.danforutah.com

Dan Liljenquist, a Republican challenging Sen. Orrin Hatch for the party’s nomination in this year’s Senate contest, wants to accomplish in Washington what he has done elsewhere in the private sector.

A turnaround artist, Liljenquist said the federal government needs fixing. He said he wants to reform entitlement programs, cut spending and reduce the national debt.

"I spent my career turning things around. We all know Washington is broken," he said.

Liljenquist proposes federal welfare programs be put under the control of the states with the assistance of grant monies from Washington. Medicaid and food stamps are among the programs he wants to be handed over to the states.

Meanwhile, he wants to reduce federal income taxes on both individuals and corporations as loopholes are also cut. He said he wants the tax base to be broad, meaning that everyone, both individuals and corporations, will pay some federal taxes.

If that were the case, he said, taxes would be more predictable and individuals and corporations would be more apt to make investments.

He argues that federal regulations are too burdensome on the economy and said he wants the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, often referred to as ‘Obamacare,’ repealed. The law’s repeal would remove uncertainty in the health care industry, he said.

Liljenquist had not formed an opinion about SkiLink, an idea to build a gondola between Canyons and Solitude Mountain Resort. The gondola depends on the sale of a little more than 30 acres of federal land to Canyons. He said he had not closely studied the issue.

He said public lands should be accessible and have multiple uses.

He once worked for Bain Consulting, helping companies like a railroad-car manufacturer with its business.