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Dancing in dollars


Park City’s economy brought in big money during January’s Sundance Film Festival, long one of the most lucrative stretches on the city’s calendar.

Some of the numbers from 2007, as the festival organizers report, include:

Attendance in Summit County hit 41,885. Of those 25,843 are Americans from outside Utah, 8,880 are people from Utah and 7,162 are from abroad.

The typical person attending the festival spent about $1,310 in Summit County, approximately $261 each day they were at the event.

People spent about $52.1 million in Summit County, with lodging, at $28.6 million, the biggest sector. After lodging, the festival-goers spent the most on food, $12.9 million. Discretionary spending, which is not detailed, totaled $8.5 million and money spent on transportation, not including airfare or car rentals, accounted for $2 million.

Almost half, 49.2 percent, of the people at the festival were there for the first time. Almost all, 97.5 percent, plan to return to Summit County for more Sundances and 63.8 percent plan to return to the county for other reasons, including 27.1 percent of them in the summer.

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