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"Darcy’s Cinematic Life"

The drama department at Ecker Hill International Middle School will take to the stage to perform their spring production of "Darcy’s Cinematic Life," starring Lauren Livingston (Darcy), Maike Wells (Liza, Darcy’s nemesis) and Zeke Cohen (Chad, Darcy’s love-interest), directed by Rebecca Weber.

Revolving around struggling teenager Darcy, the play plumbs ubiquitous adolescent issues such as fitting in and relating meaningfully with boys. At various times, the socially awkward, but highly intelligent, protagonist agonizes over where to sit on the bus and who to talk to during a class trip to a museum.

What makes her unique, however, is that she experiences events in her life as short movies, or "daydreams," as her teacher calls them. Often these movies grow out of her desire to fit in and be accepted. In the end her character comes to find peace of mind and confidence in an epiphany while listening to a boy express his feelings over a Picasso piece.

Webber said, when asked why she chose this particular one-act, "Reading (the play) this summer, I could envision the whole thing in my head, and could see exactly how I wanted to do it. When this happens I know I have a winner." She added that the opportunity to integrate stage and screen was compelling, and that she was drawn to the idea of the film shorts.

For this varied-media production, the Ecker Hill drama club turned to advanced film production students Chris Chrisenberry and Ian Quill from Chris Maddux’s class at Park City High School to create a series of shorts to include as scenes in the play and enhance the stage experience for the audience. The students acquired permission to shoot on location in Park City and handled the production and post-production of the shorts, including a "Law and Order" type scene filmed in a local courtroom.

Over the last two months, drama club students have been working hard preparing the production, with hour-long morning rehearsals up to three times per week. Additional lead cast include, Caitlin Silianoff as Tiffany, Ellie Meyer as Victoria, Caitlin Lanzel as Darcy’s Mom, Samuel Brown as Darcy’s Dad, and Jackson Kelly as Darcy’s brother Tony.

The play opens Thursday, May 6 and runs through Saturday, May 8 at the Ecker Hill International Middle School. All performances at 6:30 p.m. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased at the door.

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