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Dave Ure delivers resignation letter

Angelique McNaughton

Dave Ure submitted his letter of resignation to the Summit County Council Wednesday and announced that he will be leaving his seat on the board on or before Nov. 20.

"It is with appreciation for having had the opportunity to serve Summit County, that I provide this notice of my intention to resign my position," Ure said as he read from the letter. "I have enjoyed the experience of working with the members of the county and the fine people of Summit County in my role as a council member."

Last week Governor Gary Herbert announced that Ure had accepted a state position and will become the new director of the Utah School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration on Jan. 1. Ure’s appointment creates a vacancy on the County Council during critical budget discussions.

"I can’t say that we gladly accept your resignation, but we are all excited for you and wish you the best," said Kim Carson, County Council chair.

Now that Ure has provided official notice of his resignation, the Summit County Republican Party can soon begin the process of recruiting candidates to recommend to the central committee.

However, as of Thursday afternoon, Tal Adair, chairman of the Summit County Republican Party, said he had not yet received notification from the county of Ure’s resignation.

"I’m sure they are working through the process and I anticipate that will happen within the next couple of days. Things like that take time and we have time. The county is still represented well," Adair said. "But once we do get it, we will take a look at what they send us."

Adair said the Republican Party has been in contact with Lt. Governor Spencer J. Cox’s office about the laws the party must adhere to as the process moves forward.

"The law is pretty clear that until Dave has left his seat, we cannot take a vote and we can’t act," Adair said. "We can only act the day after he leaves. But once we receive the letter, we can begin to advertise and people can call me and we can start the process of talking to those people to see who may meet the requirements of the seat."

The central committee will have 30 days from the day Ure leaves his post to forward a name to the County Council, who will have five days to accept or reject the candidate. If the council rejects the nomination, the appointment will be made by the governor.

The County Council consists of a five-member board with each councilor serving a four-year term. However, the new appointee will only serve for one year before being required to run for re-election.

Council members are considered full-time employees and are paid approximately $31,447.46 per year. Summit County Chair Kim Carson receives $37,363.31. Members are eligible for retirement and benefits such as health, dental and life. Once appointed the new County Council member would be entitled to receive the same annual pay and benefits.

Adair said that anyone interested in the job can reach out to him and he will review the requirements and their qualifications. However, Adair pointed out that the Republican Party is overseeing the process and would prefer a candidate whose values align with the party’s.

"The Republican Party has certain values and platforms so obviously we would want people to be a member of the Republican Party and espouse the platforms we stand for and the values of the party," Adair said. "We will also be looking at someone to fill the seat, not just as an appointment, but to continue to work in that position even after the elections."

Republican hopeful Craig Williams, a Prospector resident, said Adair has reached out to him about the vacant seat. Williams unsuccessfully ran against Chris Robinson in 2014.

"I would be very excited to serve if that opportunity was presented to me," Williams said. "It would be hard to fill Dave’s shoes because he has done a great job and is a smart man, but I can’t think of anything better than serving Summit County."

Williams has not held a public position since moving to Park City five years ago from Vancouver, Washington. He works as a liaison to all of the power companies in the Western United States, Canada and Northern Mexico and said that experience would be beneficial for collaboration.

Sean Wharton, who lost to Ure in the last election, said he is also interested in pursuing the open seat. Wharton, an Eastern Summit County Planning Commissioner, said he has had several people reach out to him and had already planned on filing in 2016.

"I would love to be the guy that fills those shoes. I was close to being that guy before and it was such a close race between me and Dave," Wharton said. "I already was intending on filing for Claudia McMullin’s seat, but if this other seat is open then I will probably pursue that one."

With Ure stepping down, Wharton said he could be the representative for eastern Summit County. Wharton, a Marion resident and small-business owner, has lived in both parts of the county for more than three decades.

"I could easily slip into the shoes of representative, especially considering the amount of work that has been done with the zoning and Development Code," Wharton said. "It will take anyone a lot of time to get brought up to speed with East Side development so it would be really beneficial to have someone the council could refer to."

If interested in pursuing a seat on the County Council, contact Adair directly via email at taladair@gmail.com or at 801-201-3601.

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