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David Brickey (R) – Summit County Attorney

David Brickey (Republican)

Summit County Attorney

4-year term

Question 1: What are your qualifications to run for county attorney and why do you want to serve?

I have 20 years of experience in county government. In that time I have served both as a civil advisor and prosecutor. For the past 15 years I have been serving Summit County effectively in District, Juvenile and Justice Court. I am a seasoned veteran of the courtroom having tried over 100 jury trials.

I was named "County Attorney of the Year" in 2012, because of my commitment to this office. I have proactively brought awareness and education regarding significant issues, such as child abuse, drug addiction and I have been addressing the needs of victims through a successful victim advocate program and our own Children’s Justice Center.

As a 12-year resident of Summit County and a father of three, I share the same hopes and concerns that many voters have. I love this community, and like you, I want a safe place to live, work and play. I am the candidate with the experience to hold criminals accountable, provide justice for victims and keep this community safe. That is why I am endorsed by all of the top safety officials in Summit County. It has been a honor to serve as your County Attorney for the past decade.

Question 2: The County Attorney’s office oversees both criminal and civil issues that arise in the county. Are both types of issues currently being adequately addressed?

Absolutely. Under my leadership, the County Attorney’s Office hired veteran attorneys who are leaders in their respective fields and have helped make Summit County a great place to live and work.

Our civil division has an 80 percent success rate in litigation over the last 16 years. When I started as County Attorney, the county had an average of 30 lawsuits at any given time. Under my leadership that number has been cut in half. The prosecution office files over 80 percent of the cases presented for screening and successfully resolves 90 percent of cases with a conviction.

I work full-time and stay involved in both civil and criminal divisions. We all stay informed by having biweekly staff meetings where we can collaborate and work through any issues that need to be addressed. Feedback I have received from elected officials and department heads concerning this leadership is overwhelmingly positive.

Question 3: Does the county attorney’s office have adequate resources to keep up with the growing criminal case load and are there ways to make the office more efficient?

Every County Attorney could use more resources. It takes creative leadership to find ways to maintain an efficient office as caseloads increase, while staying within budget. While County Attorney, I have stayed within budget and have created new programs to help in the future. I’ve implemented a paperless system. going paperless we are not only saving money on paper and space, we are also saving time with better record keeping and faster information sharing.

I have created Summit County Drug Court. Drug Court has proven to reduce court and incarceration costs, by decreasing reoccurring offenses by those addicted to drugs. The best way to maintain an efficient office is by having experienced prosecutors who can proceed with the timely prosecution of cases. The County Attorney needs real prosecution and juvenile court experience. Citizens should not have to pay for a County Attorney that lacks experience and needs training.

Question 4: The county recently passed several ordinances to try to control the installation of oil and gas pipelines and they were sued by the oil company. What do you think of the county’s strategy in this matter and how would you advise them to proceed?

Tesoro was intending to place a pipeline through the middle of the Kamas Valley. I began working with the Planning Department and County Engineer, in crafting ordinances to address hazardous liquid pipelines and their impacts on our major drinking water sources, roads, agriculture, and environment. The ordinances were met with high praise from water users. Most credit the ordinances for Tesoro’s change of heart in significantly modifying the proposed pipeline alignment out of the Kamas Valley.

My critical strategy going forward involves the NEPA process. The County Attorney’s Office was instrumental in negotiating and crafting an understanding with the Forest Service to obtain "Cooperating Agency" status that grants the County a seat at the NEPA table and Tesoro has taken notice. Forward thinking by the County has resulted in positive developments. My office has played a key role in protecting residents and the environment, and will continue to do so.

Question 5: Various parts of the county’s development code have been challenged, do you think the code is legally sound and are there ways to ensure it can be enforced?

The Development Codes are legally sound, and while they have been challenged in court, the County Attorney’s Office has successfully defended them. One developer sued the County 10 times challenging our Codes, they lost all 10 cases. In fact, over the past 16 years, the County Attorney’s Office has prevailed in 80 percent of civil lawsuits brought against the County.

While the Development Codes may be legally sound, that does not mean the Codes are perfect. At times I have found the Codes to be confusing and disjointed. For this reason, the County Council has begun the process of updating these Codes. I applaud their foresight. Code enforcement has been better in recent years due to the Administrative Code Enforcement Program spearheaded by my office. Enforcement of the code only works if the county has adequate staffing. I appreciate Director Pat Putt’s, efforts assuring that there are resources for enforcement.

Question 6: Please differentiate your platform from your opponent’s.

I have actively served Summit County as your full-time County Attorney for the past 10 years, my opponent has not practiced law in 20 years. As a 20-year prosecutor, my knowledge of criminal prosecution serves to protect this community first and foremost. Under my leadership the civil division is responsive to the team concept of working together with elected officials and obtaining results that benefit this community directly.

The most recent example was the committed team effort to make certain that the Canyons ski maintenance building was not located at the base of the Grand Summit. I’ve effectively created a successful office in which my staff can work collaboratively and cooperatively while working autonomously.

My opponent wants to micromanage and streamline the office while keeping his mediation job. My opponent has described himself as a "soft judge." I agree with that depiction. The years my opponent has spent protecting criminals, does not prepare him for the rigors of prosecuting rapists, murderers, and child molesters. This county deserves a committed attorney, one that protects your rights, your community and your families. I am that County Attorney. Please help me continue this important work and vote for me, David Brickey.

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