Day School donates toys to Primary Children’s Hospital |

Day School donates toys to Primary Children’s Hospital

Megan Yeiter , The Park Record

Students in Courtney Coghlan’s fourth-grade class at the Park City Day School raised more than $1,100 in proceeds from the students’ market day event last week. Park City Day School 4th-grader Ariane Voulgaris said she made Christmas ornaments, candy canes and brownies for the event and her brother helped make decorative Santas to sell.

"It makes me feel good and happy that the kids that have to be in the hospital will now have some new toys to play with," Voulgaris said. "I couldn’t imagine it would be very fun to stay in a hospital especially if you have to stay for a couple of years."

Coghlan said the class went on a field trip to the store to purchased toys and games that they donated to the Primary Children’s hospital in Salt Lake City. The 4th-graders bought movies, card games, Barbies, puzzles and other toys they thought their peers would enjoy.

"Our teacher assigned us with a partner and something to buy. I went with Ms. Coghlan and we bought loads of movies and puzzles and Uno and a bunch of card games," Voulgaris said. "My friends went and they got to buy Barbies and Barbie clothes."

The students learned about entrepreneurship and economics in a unit leading up to the market day, according to Coghlan, who said it was a high interest unit that gave students the opportunity to learn about how to start a new business.