Dead animals found on driveways on Halloween |

Dead animals found on driveways on Halloween

Caroline Kingsley, The Park Record

Several dead animals were found on Summit Park residential driveways Wednesday, including a rabbit, guinea pigs and a large exotic fish.

The fish, thought to be a red-bellied pacu, is not native to the area, and had to be either raised in an aquarium or shipped from South America, according to Sgt. Ron Bridge of the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

As of Thursday, deputies had not determined a cause of death, but they believe the animals were killed or died elsewhere and were then dropped onto the driveways, Sgt. Ken Jones said in a report.

The homeowners who found the animals in their driveways allegedly did not witness anything suspicious nor knew why their homes were targeted. One of the residents was not home at the time of questioning.

Because of the damage inflicted to the animals’ bodies, deputies originally thought they had been stabbed or shot, the report said. But closer examination revealed the wounds were caused by scavengers post mortem.

Anyone with information regarding the animals is asked to call Sgt. Brad Wilde at (435) 615-3520.