Deadline for voter registration nears |

Deadline for voter registration nears

Patrick Parkinson, Of the Record staff

Monday is the last opportunity for people to register to vote in the primary election June 22. New residents should file paperwork in person at the Summit County Clerk’s Office June 7 before 5 p.m.

The mail-in deadline for voter registration for the primary election has passed.

"They’ve got to come into our office in person," Summit County Clerk Kent Jones said.

The Clerk’s Office is located in the Summit County Courthouse at 60 N. Main Street in Coalville. You may register to vote if you are a U.S. citizen, a resident of Summit County, have photo identification and will be 18 years old by June 22.

Republicans and Democrats hold separate primaries and voters will be required to identify which party’s ballot they would like on June 22. The Republican primary is closed. Only members of the GOP are allowed to vote in the Republican election.

"If you are unaffiliated then you have to affiliate as a Republican to get that ballot," Jones said about the closed election.

Meanwhile, the primary for the Democrats is open, which enables anyone to vote regardless of their party affiliation, Jones said.

The only primary race for Summit County Democrats is in state House District 25, which includes much of the Snyderville Basin.

"House District 25 is Summit Park, Pinebrook, ParkWest, Highland Estates, Silver Springs, Ranch Place," Jones said. "It’s west of Highway 40 and south of I-80, outside of Park City Municipal."

The rest of the voters in Summit County, including those living in Park City, belong to House District 53.

"If you’re outside of 25 then you are in 53," Jones said. "If you are outside 53 then you are in 25."

There is a Republican primary scheduled in District 53, which includes portions of Summit, Wasatch, Morgan, Daggett and Rich counties. Incumbent state Rep. Mel Brown, R-Coalville, faces a challenge from Wanship Republican Jon Hellander. The winner of the GOP primary will face Park City Democrat Glenn Wright in the November election.

The District 53 primary will be close, said Henry Glasheen, chairman of the Summit County Republican Party.

"200 votes to 250 votes either way could swing this in the direction of the winner. If you have better turnout, even if it’s 250 to 300 votes, I think that will be the difference," Glasheen said. "I don’t think it’s going to be a landslide either way There is a substantial amount of support for both sides. It’s just going to be a function of who shows up."

The Republican who wins the primary is likely the candidate who will prevail on Election Day because of District 53’s conservative makeup, Glasheen said.

He doesn’t expect voter turnout to be high.

"In the District 53 race, as much as I would like to think there is going to be really high turnout, I do think the turnout is going to be above average but not much outside the norm," Glasheen said.

Wright, chairman of the Summit County Democratic Party, said the Republican race in District 53 is too close to call.

"It is going to be a very interesting primary on the Republican side, and I wouldn’t hazard a guess on who is going to win that," Wright said in a telephone interview. "Initially, I would have thought that [Brown] was pretty secure. But the Republican Party has gone far right wing and that seems to be where their motivated voters are right now, so I think it’s quite possible that [Brown] could be in trouble."

On the Democratic side, Wright encouraged those in District 25 to vote in the primary. Along with neighborhoods in Snyderville, the liberal leaning district includes homes on the east side of Salt Lake City.

"The Democratic race in 25 is an important race because that is pretty much a safe Democratic seat," Wright said. "It’s highly unlikely that the Republicans are going to win that seat The primary has probably a 90 percent probability of choosing the next representative from that district and that represents a significant portion of people in western Summit County."

Joel Briscoe and Anthony Kaye are the two Salt Lake City Democrats facing off in District 25. The winner of the primary will face Salt Lake Republican Rick Raile on Election Day.

School board primaries

Primary races are also slated for two school board seats on the East Side of Summit County. In the South Summit School District, incumbent board member Philip Marchant, Steven Hardman and Paul Weller are competing in the race in District 4, which includes the Marion and Peoa areas.

Incumbent board member Steven Richins, Sheldon Smith and Michael Calderwood each are running in District 4 in the North Summit School District, which includes the south side of Coalville.

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